GBW Visits Jackson (Mich.) High

<p>I recently made my way over to Jackson high school to chat with one of the top prospects in the entire nation, <strong>Antonio Bass</strong>. In this brief recap of my long stay he discusses the Nike Camp, his feelings on being considered an athlete as opposed to a quarterback, and his summer plans.</p>

Talk to me a little bit about the Nike camp. How did that go for you?

“The Nike camp went pretty good. I learned a lot from going. I wasn’t going to go at first because they say it’s to gain more exposure and my coach said that I had a lot already. But my dad said that I should still go just to get the learning experience so I went.”

What were your testing stats?

“My height was 6’1 and 3/4ths and I was 193 lbs. My 40 time was 4.41, but I slipped. I slipped right at my first step, and that is the most important part of it. My vertical was 35 inches and I hit 185 19 times.”

How do you think you did in the quarterback drills down there?

“I think I did all right. I mean hitting those weights got me real sore and tired and everything so I couldn’t do my max…but I think I did all right. He was telling us what to do but it was kind of awkward because he didn’t know that I was left-handed and I was doing them kind of backwards so I had to get use to that.”

Does it bother you when you’re considered by some to be an athlete as opposed to a quarterback?

“Not at all. All I want to do is go to college, so if I can get to college any way possible I am going to do that.”

Would you say that those schools that are looking at you primarily at quarterback have an advantage in your recruitment over those that are looking at you as an athlete?

“Well, at first it was like that. But now, as I think about it, I am just going to look at all the schools. It depends on the type of education they can offer. That is my main concern. I look at all of them the same.”

Did you work out exclusively at quarterback while you were down there?

“Actually, I worked out at quarterback and wide receiver. I had fun at wide receiver too.”

So as I am talking to you, it definitely seems like you want to be on the offensive side of the ball.

“Yes. I like offense a lot more than I like defense. I can do what I do and make things happen.”

What are your plans, besides baseball, during the offseason?

“Well, I am going to be working with Stan Edwards and his track club. I’m going to try to get my 40 time down and just work on speed. I don’t know exactly what we are going to be doing out there. He said that we would be doing hip and leg exercises.”

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