Texas' Top DL Wants U-M To Recruit Him

Defensive tackle <b>Vince Oghobaase</b> from Alief Hastings, Tex. (in the Houston area) is the #2 prospect on TheInsiders "Texas Hot 100" -- and he told GoBlueWolverine that he has been waiting for Michigan to call on his school.

Vince Oghobaase is a huge 'Alan-Branch-like' defensive tackle: 6-5 1/2, 300 lbs., 5.2 in the 40. He also has a 3.6 GPA. We spoke to Vincent last night.

Has Michigan paid your school a visit?

"Yes. Coach Jackson was just at my school yesterday -- he's the Michigan running backs coach."

Has Michigan offered you a scholarship?

"Last night we talked on the phone and he offered me a scholarship. "

How did a Michigan offer hit you?

"I've been waiting for Michigan to come in and recruit me. I've been hoping they would. My coach sent them my film. But I never heard much from them, except for some things through the mail. I didn't know if they never got my film or if they watched it and didn't like what they saw that much. It turns out they never got it."

What is it about Michigan that interests you?

"I've just always watched Michigan, followed the football team."

We see that you're interested in law or engineering? Is academics part of your interest in Michigan?

"Actually, I knew about the football program, but I didn't know about Michigan academically until Coach Jackson talked to me last night. He told me about Michigan's academics -- their engineering school, and law school."

Have you ever been Up North? Or do you have any relatives there?


You have lots of Big 12 offers, including from Texas A&M and Oklahoma, and also from LSU. Does a Michigan offer put them up with those three schools?

"Oh yeah. Actually Coach Jackson was here in the Hastings High School a year ago. At that time he said hi to me and asked if I was going to be a senior. But I was only a sophomore -- so Coach Jackson said he'd come back down in a year to get me."

Will Michigan get an official visit from you?

(thoughtful pause ...) "It's definitely a good possibility. It's just summer (in Texas that is) and I haven't sat down and thought out official visits yet. But Michigan is definitely right up there."

Oghobaase is in Top Lemming's early Top 100 players.

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