Malik Hairston's Father Lays it Out For Us

I talked this afternoon to the father of U-M's final 2004 basketball recruit <b>Malik Hairston</b>. Mr. Hairston gave me a day-to day schedule of events over the next several days. It involves Michigan, so you will not want to miss this!

Last weekend Malik Hairston from Det. Renaissance made an official visit to Oregon. And he had already made official visits to Kansas, UCLA and Ohio State.

What's next? Richard Hairston, Malik's dad, laid it out for me this (Thurs.) afternoon.

"On Friday we will leave for Malik's official visit to Oklahoma."

"We will come back from that visit on Saturday."

"Then on Sunday we will drive up to Ann Arbor for a visit with the Michigan coaches."

"Malik's decision will be coming shortly thereafter."

Time to stay tuned, folks!

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