Michigan Visits Top Virginia Athlete

<p>GBW got a call from Highland Springs (VA) high head coach Scott Burton yesterday and he informed us that there was a U-M coach in town recently to talk to him about one of his players, a top RB/DB (and perhaps the <b>top CB prospect in the mid-Atlantic</b>). A few months back the young man in question told Allen Wallace, &quot;Miami and Michigan were my dream schools as a kid.&quot; Coach Burton was nice enough to give us an update on his star pupil's recruitment.</p>

So, you were saying that Michigan dropped by for a visit?

“Yes, Coach English came by to talk to me about Victor Harris. Michigan has offered him on both sides of the ball, but his size is obviously great in terms of defensive back, and defensively they are recruiting him as a corner.”

Does Victor have a preference as to which side of the ball he’ll play on?


What do you project as his best position on the next level?

“His size probably lends to the defensive side of the ball because you can find 6-foot, 200-pound tailbacks all over the place, but you don’t find 6-foot 200-pound corners. From that standpoint he may be better suited at corner for the long run if there’s going to be a future for him beyond college.”

What does he play for you?

“He plays safety for us. He played corner in the past for us, but we moved him to safety because he can play both sides of the field that way.”

Does he have a top 5 at this point?

“He doesn’t have a list of favorites at this point, but I’ll tell you that just about every school in the country has offered him. You name them; Michigan, LSU, USC, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Miami, Florida State, Florida…”

What schools besides Michigan have been in during the evaluation period?

“So far the only other ones that have set foot in the door are Wake Forest and Nebraska. Florida State will be here Friday. Syracuse will be too. So it’s been relatively slim so far, but it’s still very early in the evaluation period. All the other schools that have offered him will be in.”

With he be attending any of the training combines?

“No combines. We will be going to the Virginia Tech camp as a team because it suits our calendar. This will be our fourth year there.”

Knowing him as you do, what do you think will be some of the significant factors in his choice?

“The biggest thing for him will be what he calls the player-coach bond. I like to think that we have a special situation here where he knows that we love him even though we push him extremely hard. He loves that balance. Quite honestly, I think that most kids like that balance. Like I’ve told him before, I love Victor Harris…I don’t love #7.”

When do you think he’ll narrow things down and schedule his visits?

The general plan is because he has too many offers right now to entertain them all seriously, he’ll try to reduce it down to a more manageable number by the time school is out. Just throwing out a number…I’ll say 10 or 15 schools. It could be lower than that, but that’s what we’ll say for now. Then we’ll try to get that number narrowed down even further by September 1st. We want to have the five visits set by October 1st.

GBW will have more on Victor in the coming weeks.

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