Michigan Staff Visits New Jersey

With the Spring Evaluation Period in full swing GoBlueWolverine Magazine has been searching diligintly for the schools the Michigan staff has been visiting. GBW spoke with the head coach of one New Jersey standout and he told us Michigan was at his school last week, along with many others.

The Garden State is host to some of the top talent in the country year in and year out and this year is no exception. GoBlueWolverine Magazine spoke with the head coach of Bayonne, N.J. linebacker Jerome Hayes on Friday, and he said he has been hosting a slew of coaching staff's. "Michigan was here last week," Ric Rodriguez said. "Michigan and a whole lot of others have been through here since things got started. The Michigan State coaches are sitting here right now so I can't talk long."

Hayes, 6 foot 2, 220 pounds and 4.5 speed, benches 330 pounds and squats 405 has been described by his coach as, "The best player I've ever coached. He catches people but they don't catch him." Hayes said he would be attending the Syracuse camp and would try to get up to the Michigan camp this summer.

A couple of Big Ten team have been favorites since childhood for Hayes, who told GBW previously, "I liked Ohio State when they had Eddie George," he said. "Then I liked Michigan when they had Charles Woodson."

Hayes told GBW he has received an offer from Michigan. He is reportedly interested in the Wolverines, but his coach may be steering him in other directions. GBW will be speaking with Hayes very soon to get the latest so stay tuned.

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