Texas A&M Combine Washes Out

Thunder storms forced the early termination of today's (Saturday's) Texas A&M Nike Camp right after the 'timing' portion. But three possible U-M recruits still caught our eye while running their 40's, shuttles, etc. Here's the first guy -- a <b>top Texas O-liner</b> whose school was visited by U-M last week (... probably not who you many think ...)

The camp was cancelled before and position drills were run. Most of the kids did get to complete their stats: 40 yard dash and shuttle (although done outside in the heavy rain, on artificial turf that had at least a half-inch of water on it), vertical jump, bench press.

We only got to see the kids for about a half hour total, and we did not see some of the top kids we were looking for: Reggie Youngblood, Vince Oghobaase, Quinton Moore, Darrell Jones. We looked hard for these kids and so they probably were not in attendance ... for one thing the Texas track regionals were also today.

However, we got to observe three of the prospects we were looking for. Here is the first.

The guy who stood out most to us: offensive lineman Mark Ortmann from Klein, Texas in the Northern Houston suburbs (the same area that former U-M lineman Steve Frazier came from).

We spoke for quite a while with Mr. Ortman, Mark's father, as we were waiting around for the rain to hopefully stop. And we spoke briefly a few times to Mark himself.

We'll give Mark another call tomorrow and print a full-blown interview then. For now, here are some quickies from Mark and his dad.

Mark in our opinion was the most impressive O-liner in attendance. He measured 6-6. He is in great shape and looked like a 'cut' (and huge) tight end. We did not ask his weight, but estimate it at 275 lbs. (we'll find out tomorrow). He did a good 24 bench press reps.

He ran two 40 yard dash heats of 5.0 and 4.8 -- excellent especially under the bad conditions. He scratched his shuttle times (as did pretty much everyone else, the waterlogged turf was too slippery), but we watch him do his shuttles, and he looked flexible and athletic, better even than some of the highly toughted D-linemen.

The Ortmans are from Chicago, and have lived in Houston for about 15 years.

Mark has offers so far from Northwestern (which had three coaches at the combine) and Kansas. According to his dad, he is interested in Michigan, and Notre Dame, as well as Texas A&M and others.

Michigan Coach Fred Jackson visited Klein High School last week.

Ortmann has said he plans to attend the U-M Camp.


Note: we saw coaches at the combine from Northwestern (the only Big Ten school), Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma State, plus LSU, and lots of mid-level scohools.

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