Cinci QB Gets Schollie Offer

We talked this (Monday) evening to Cincinnati quarterback <b>Rob Schoenhoft</b>. After attending the Michigan Camp for three years in a row, and then starring this spring at the OSU Nike Camp, things are happening for him!

We got a call Monday evening -- it was quarterback Rob Schoenhoft (2001/02/03 Michigan camper, Planned 2004 Camper,OSU Nike stats: 6-5 1/2, 233 lbs., 4.88 40, 29 inch vertical jump) from Cincinnati, Ohio, St. Xavier. Schoenhoft was the top quarterback at the OSU Nike Camp, and one of the top 2-3 performers overall.

Robby, did you get some good news Friday?

"Yes, I got a scholarship offer from Michigan!"

How did that feel?

"I've gone to the Michigan Camp for three years, so it's an honor to get a scholarship offer from them."

How did it happen?

"Coach Loeffler (Michigan's quarterback coach) and Coach Herrmann (who recruits Southern Ohio for U-M) came to my school on Friday. I was throwing to my receivers outside after school. And it was one of those times where all my throws seemed to go well -- I think all but one throw was right on the money. l always seem to throw well when Coach Loeffler is watching me! Even one of receivers who sometimes drops a lot of my balls caught everything! "

"When I finished Coach Loeffler said I should give Coach Carr a phone call that night."

"So I did -- I called Coach Carr later that night. And he offered me a scholarship to Michigan!"

And ... how did the conversation go?

"We talked about the situation at Michigan right now. With Chad Henne coming in just ahead of me it gives me something I have to think about."

So how is your recruiting going? Are you getting more offers since the OSU Nike Camp?

"I've been getting more offers now -- they've kind've been pouring in."

"But I definitely have an idea about my top three or four schools. Michigan State, Notre Dame, and Michigan, and then maybe Ohio State, or Iowa. But those first three are top ones for sure."

What about summer camps?

"I'll definitely make it up to Michigan for a day or two. I want to work with Coach Loeffler again. I'll try to make it to each of my top teams' camps."

So how do things feel to you right now?

"First of all, I'm fortunate and blessed to have colleges offering me scholarships. And I have things to think about, and some things to feel out. We'll see what happens with Chad Henne. But it's a good problem to have."

"I'll wait until I know what my heart is telling me."

Did you thing this would happen as you were going through a humble season last year?

"Yeah, I know, I know my stats from last year were pretty low (he completed 63 of 171 passes for 888 yards). We had young receivers who had trouble catching my passes. One game there were19 drops! But we have a year under our belts working together ... there will be more catches and more touchdowns this year!"

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