Michigan Checks Up On Terrance Taylor

Head Coach Lloyd Carr made an in-school visit this past Thursday, to top instater <b>Terrance Taylor</b> from Muskegon, Michigan. Is Terrance getting closer to a decision?

Nose tackle Terrance Taylor from Muskegon, Mich. Taylor is one of USA Today's Top Ten Juniors. And he's been around U-M a lot the past couple years. He attended the Jan. 29 U-M Junior Day and a spring practice. He attended several Michigan games last fall. And he was a U-M camper last summer.

Taylor's stats: 6-0, 285 lbs., 4.9 in the 40, 2.8 GPA/20 ACT.

We figured Taylor's school, Muskegon High, got a visit from Michigan last week. So we called Terrance last night (Monday) to ask him about it.

Has Michigan been in your school yet?

"Yes, Coach Carr and Coach Malone came over here to check up on me. They came to my school on Thursday. They were checking on my grades, making sure I was keeping them up!"

Are you?

"Oh yeah, I'm going pretty well. I've made a 20 on my ACT test."

Did you get a chance to talk to Coach Carr later on?

"They just said hi to me at the school, but they talked to my coach. Then after school we talked on the phone."

What did you talk about?

"Coach Carr asked me if I'd made my decision! Or when I was going to. "


"I told him I'll probably have it made after my official visits ... or sooner."

You've been a Michigan Camper for a couple years now. Are you going to go again this summer?

"Yeah, I'll camp again at Michigan."

Are you thinking about any others?

"I'll probably go to one or two others. Maybe a day at Ohio State. And LSU wants me to go to their camp. LSU was just in here, yesterday. So I've been thinking of going to the LSU camp ... but that one's pretty far. And they told me it's hot down there! I might go to the Iowa camp for a day or two."

Would you say Michigan is still your leader?


Note: some top kids start avoiding camps once they get a name for themselves. But Terrance is the type of kid who is egoless, and who is a football player! (And wrestler!). A true Trench Trooper. Terrance is the type of guy that if there is a game around, he'll want to come and play, and to use the opportunity to get better.

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