Moosman's a Mauler; Making Michigan Visit

Illinois offensive lineman <b>David Moosman</b> is a wrestler who just overpowers people. And Michigan has taken notice! David told GoBlueWolverine last night (Tues.) that he still 'technically' doesn't have a U-M offer, but that that could change on Friday.

We spoke last night to offensive lineman David Moosman from Libertyville, Ill. (in the northern Chicago suburbs).

David, are you still coming to Michigan this week?

"Yes, my dad and I are coming up to Ann Arbor on Friday the 7th."

Who are you meeting with?

"I'm going to meet with Mr. Moeller and Mr. Carr. And visit the school."

Coach Carr was in your school a week ago?

"Yes, Coach Carr came in to my school; he and Coach Moeller were both there."

Have you talked to Carr at length yet, on the phone or anything?

"No, I haven't talked to him except when he was in the school and said hi. I'm usually in contact with Coach Moeller."

And regarding a Michigan offer ...?

"Do I have a Michigan offer? Technically not ... but Coach Moeller said when I come there, Coach Carr would meet with me and offer me. He told me that's how they like to do it if possible, in person."

Describe yourself as a player.

"I think I'm pretty strong." A 360 pound bench press? "Yes."

And in mid-April Moosman told SuperPrep's Allen Wallace, "I've got good upper body strength and overall strength. I like to be more of a technique guy and not just throw my weight around."

Not only is he strong, but Moosman is a top wrestler.

As far as wrestling. You won the regionals as a junior; how did you do this year?

"I won regionals again, and I finished 4th in the state in the heavyweight division. I injured my shoulder in the state tournament -- it's not a bad injury but it did set me back there."

We've seen you listed with various heights and weights. What is accurate for you, and also do you have a 40 time?

"I'm 6-4, and 260 lbs. And I run a 5.3 second 40."

So Moosman is not overly huge yet, and he doesn't claim to be sub-5.0-speedy. He's a mauler -- a 360-lb.-bench-press-wrestler mauler. Think David Baas (who started out a Michigan just about the same height and weight and put on 40 pounds and grew an inch breathing and drinking the pristine U-M air and water!).

Have you been to Michigan before?

"I've never been up there before, no. So this gives me a good chance to get up there and see things."

Where else have you been?

"I've camped at Wisconsin, and Iowa, and I've also been to Notre Dame, Illinois and Northwestern."

Who has offered you?

"I have offers from Iowa, Northwestern, Wisconsin, Illinois, Arizona, Michigan State, Boston College, Kansas, Notre Dame, and hopefully from Michigan."

Are you going to any of the Spring Combines?

"No. I'm letting my shoulder heal. Anyhow, I don't need the publicity. I've pretty much got offers from the schools I like."

Are you going to any summer camps?

"I'll go to a few summer camps. I haven't really narrowed it down ... I'll probably go to Michigan's though."

Are you going anywhere else on your trip this weekend?

"Yes. As long as I was up that way I decided to stop by Notre Dame and Michigan State as well."

Note: David's mom is a MSU grad ... which could explain why he's not been to Michigan before? But, we asked him:

When we talked to you in March you said you grew up a Michigan fan?

"Yeah. I just liked watching then when I was growing up."

Allen Wallace recently wrote: "He grew up a fan of Michigan, but that that won't be a factor in his recruitment. 'I liked that they were always on top and they always had great linemen."

So will this be an unusual recruiting phenomenon -- a U-M/MSU recruiting battle for an out-of-state player? Not necessarily. Note that his summer camps so far have been at Iowa and Wisconsin, and he told Wallace in mid-April, "Iowa and Wisconsin are basically neck and neck." And last week TheInsiders' Chris Pool wrote that Moosman said MSU had just strongly entered the picture: "In March, Moosman told us that Michigan, Illinois, Iowa, Northwestern, Wisconsin and Notre Dame were his favorites. Is this still the case? 'Drop Illinois and add Michigan State."

Moosman was named 2nd team all-state in 2003, as well as all-area by the Chicago Tribune.

U-M fans should have the picture by now: with Dan Doering and Dace Richardson getting most of the O-line publicity in Illinois, Wolverine fans should not overlook David Moosman!

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