Spiece Tourney Interviews: Tory Jackson

<p>The Michigan Hurricanes&#8217; <strong>Tory Jackson</strong> had an excellent run at the Spiece Run N Slam All Star Classic in Ft. Wayne last weekend. GBW caught up with him after he had just nailed a fade away 3 pointer with time running out on the clock to beat Marques Williams' Blessed IJN team. The 5-11 dynamo talked about the schools on his list and the factors that will go into his decision. </p>

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In the final moments of the game as the clock was running down, what was going through your head?

“All I was thinking about was I better make this shot or I’m going to get cussed out! (Laughing)”

Have you played-up (with the 17-and under team) a lot so far this year, and will you continue to that for the rest of the summer?

“This is my last tournament with the 17’s (seniors-to-be). From now on I’ll be playing with the 16’s (juniors-to-be.) I haven’t played with my age group yet, so coach is going to have me playing 16-and-under next week so I can see who’s out there. But he likes the way I’m progressing with the 17-under team, and I do too. In the future it’ll be tougher because you play against guys of different ages and sizes, so playing-up helps me prepare for that.”

You led your high school team, Saginaw Buena Vista, to a state title this past year as a sophomore. What were your individual stats on the season?

“I averaged 24.5 points, 8 assists, 7 rebounds, and 5 steals per game.”

How will BV look next year?

“We’ve got the same team coming back. We only lost two players.”

What colleges are on your list right now?

Florida, Michigan, and Michigan State.”

Did you grow up a fan of any of those schools?

“I grew up a fan of Michigan because of the Fab Five.”

Have any of them been by your high school?

“Michigan State has been to my school and I think a coach from Michigan has been to my school a couple of times too.”

Have you taken any unofficial visits yet?

“No, no visits yet.”

Is there a school that you would like to hear from that you haven’t yet?

Duke. For some reason I love Duke.”

When you get ready to make your choice, what are some of the factors that will go into it?

“One factor will be where I’m most comfortable and another will be what school can help me progress and get better so that I can make it to the NBA.”

Have you given any thought to when you might like to decide?

“I don’t have a plan for when. I’ll just let it happen.”

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