Virginia QB/Ath. Greg Boone: Michigan Offer?

This is the time of year when coaches are visiting high schools and making their one allowed spring phone call to juniors. And so it is also the time when false claims of scholarship offers float around to confuse the picture. GoBlueWolverine will do its best to sort this out. Here's a reported offer: Big quarterback/athlete <b>Greg Boone</b> from Chesapeake, Va.

Just FYI: a college assistant coach can actually make two 'evaluation visits' to a prospect's high school: one 'academic visit' (to talk to academic people at the high school, get the prospect's academic transcript, etc.) and one 'athletic' (to visit with the high school coach and watch film on the prospect, to watch the prospect in a spring sport, or in string football practice, etc.).

And so this is the time of year when a prospect (or his coach) may be told by an assistant, "I'd love to see you play for State U," and the prospect may turn around and say he has a scholarship offer from the school. Actually a scholarship offer is more formally given than that: in writing, or in a formal presentation (in person or over the phone) by the head coach, etc.

Which brings us to Quarterback/Athlete Greg Boone from Chesapeake, Virginia, Oscar Smith. Boone is an unusual jumbo-athlete who, at 6-4, 250 lbs., with a sub-4.6 in the 40 and a 325 pound bench press, plays both ways on the football field and runs track as well.

Greg has reported a Michigan offer -- and in his case the report is ACCURATE.

We called the Boone home this (Sat.) morning and talked to Greg's mother. She told us:

"Greg is with his school's track team today, on his way to a track meet. He runs the 200 meters, and also throws the shot put."

"Greg does have a lot of offers. And Michigan is one. He's got a written offer from Michigan!"

Boone also reports offers from Maryland, North Carolina, Pitt, Penn State, Syracuse, Virginia, Virginia Tech and West Virginia.

Colleges are recruiting Boon as an 'athlete' -- and here's why. As a junior quarterback he completed 75 passes out of 140 attempts for 1,400 yards, 14 touchdowns and only 5 interceptions; he also rushed for 350 rushing yards and 8 touchdowns. And he also plays on defense -- as a defensive back, recording 48 tackles and 5 interceptions as a junior.

Where will Greg play in college? Pretty much anywhere but OL or DL it looks like! We'll talk to Greg himself soon. But in the meantime, definitely mark him down as having a U-M offer.

Notee: click on his name-link above to find some good film on him as well.

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