Had Morning Discussion With Coach Amaker

Newspaper articles this morning referenced a point system in which Michigan finished dead last (out of six) on <b>Malik Hairston</b>'s list. I discussed the ranking and where the Wolverines stand with Richard Hairston this (Sat.) afternoon. Mr. Hairston made special mention of a conversation he had this morning with Coach Amaker.

You said in the Detroit Free Press article today that you were looking for a little more definition in your last meeting. Were there things that you wanted addressed that weren't?

"Not necessarily. Actually we had another long talk with Coach Amaker this morning."

Would you say the it went better than the last meeting?

"It really did. It went a little better in terms of the responses we got. What we're really looking for is someone somewhat committed to his development."

You mentioned educational opportunities in another article. What did Michigan have to say about that?

"That was actually one of the things Coach Amaker emphasized the most. I believe they have the largest living alumni in the country, or something like that. He really stressed the opportunities that would be available to Malik after he was done with school and basketball."

In the point system you devised, Michigan came out last. Is that an accurate representation of where they stand?

"That was just something I came up with for a starting point in our conversation. This is a big decision and that was only a tool to get him discussing the schools. We discussed it for another 3.5 hours this morning."

So in your opinion, would you say Michigan still has a legitimate shot in this race or are they on the outside looking in?

"I know Coach Amaker probably thinks we're picking on him because we asked him some more tough questions today, but that's not the case. He and Michigan are right there in the thick of it."

So when do you think he'll have the decision?

"It could very likely be made today. We're probably going to be having another meeting here pretty soon and then come to some decision."

Stay tuned!

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