A Letter From Ryan Allison

A recent article that appeared on TheInsiders network on <b>Ryan Allison</b>, "The Allison's - A House Torn?", did not sit right with Ryan. He did not feel it accurately reflected his views on things -- and we give Ryan (brother of incoming U-M recruit Roger) a lot of credit for taking the time to write the following letter to set the record straight!

Dear Mr. Beaver,

Hello, this is Ryan Allison. I just wanted to write you an email in response to an article that was released about me. It was "The Allison's - A House Torn?" on Spartaninsider.com. I was inaccurately quoted, and some things that I said were taken out of context.

When I was asked what I was looking for in a college, I said, academics, football tradition, and playing time. Somehow that was translated into "…(I am) looking to play often and it doesn't matter if the school is, Michigan or Western Michigan," when those words didn't even leave my mouth. Of course wherever I go I would like to play early, but that isn't everything.

I also wanted to make it clear that my views about Michigan aren't the way they sound in the article.

I am a huge Michigan fan, always have been. They have been near the top of my favorites list, if not the top, during the whole recruiting process. The staff at Michigan is one of the best I have met, they are great people. Regardless of what position they see me at, linebacker, safety, or receiver, I will take it into consideration. It is always an option and a good one. I haven't decided what position I want to play yet in college, but as of right now it's receiver, but it's 60-40. Reason being, I haven't played defense since I was a freshman, or linebacker since 8th grade (at the time I was also quarterback). I got a taste of corner towards the end of the season last year. Next year I plan to play on the defensive side of the ball as well as the offensive. At that time I will get a better idea of what I should be playing at the next level. I most likely won't know which position I will be playing until I actually go to my college of choice and practice.

My camp situation is simple. I have no set plans for camp as of yet. I want to go to the camps of schools that I want to work out with my possible future position coach (offensive or defensive). I have debated on not going to camps at all, so I could just concentrate on the Dragons, but I want to work with the coach I will be with the next four or five years. It just makes sense to me that way. Michigan's camp isn't 'out'. No one's is, but none are 'in' either.

Recruiting is a process, and at this point in the process every school is an option. I am not shutting anyone out, especially not Michigan. It would be nice to make this process run a bit more smoothly if reporters didn't inaccurately quote players. It gives that recruit a bad image, and most might not have a chance to defend themselves.

So please ask your readers to think twice before they pass judgment on someone when the information being given about them isn't coming directly from their mouth ... (with a reporter involved) there is a filter in-between and it might add or take away from something that was said.

I want to thank you for taking the time to read this and wanted to let people know that things written about recruits aren't always exactly the way they seem.

Thank you.


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