PSU Nike: Top Two LB's, Top DB All Like U-M

The top two linebackers at Saturday's PSU Nike Camp are both camping at Michigan, as is the top defensive back. And all may be leaning to the Maize and Blue as well! We talked Saturday at the end of the camp to all three.

- Linebacker Lamont Robinson from Salem, N.J. was named the number two performer overall at the combine. He is 6-2, 220 lbs., but he looked compact and fast -- Michigan fans could pick Ian Gold as a mental comparison (this is not to mean Robinson is as GOOD as Ian Gold, etc ... when we give these 'mental pictures' it is just so fans who have not seen him can have something with which to make an image in their minds).

Afterwards we talked to Lamont, and found he is extremely excited about Michigan! When we introduced ourselves he said, "Michigan? I'm VERY interested in Michigan! In fact, one of the main reasons I came to here to the PSU Nike Camp today is so Michigan coaches could watch me here! They were at my school a couple weeks ago -- they were the first school to come in! And when a Michigan coach called me that night, he said a couple Michigan coaches would be here today! So I came, and I think I did real well and impressed them! I am definitely coming to the Michigan camp so I can impress them once again! I am very excited about Michigan! It would be great to play there!"

"I measured 6-2, 220 lbs., I ran a 4.29 sec. shuttle, 28 inch vertical jump, 20 bench press reps. I did not run the 40 yard dash (he is generally listed with 4.6 speed, and showed that kind of speed in the LB-RB drills)."

- Linebacker Andre Mathis (in the photo at top of page) from Erie, Pa., Cathedral Prep was named the top linebacker of the camp (hmmm ... he was rated ahead of Robinson as far as linebacker rankings, but behind him in overall performance ... needless to say, both were impressive!)

Mathis is bigger and stronger than Robinson, whereas Robinson is faster. In the old U-M system we'd sayMathis was a proto-typical MIKE LB, and Robinson a WILL.

Andre told us, "I measured 6-2, 230 lbs. I ran a 4.69 in the 40 and had a 4.19 sec. shuttle. I had a 33.2 inch vertical jump, and 25 bench press reps." (Note: the 40 time may be mediocre, but the shuttle time is excellent, as are the vertical jump and bench press stats.)

"I'm probably coming to the Michigan Camp, yes. James Carson (his safety teammate) and I are both planning to be there."

And another reporter jumped in and asked Mathis his favorite school. "My favorite school? Probably ... Michigan."

- Cornerback Justin King from Monroeville, Pa.

We chatted briefly with Justin and his dad a few times during the day. But near the end a few reporters were questioning him. I asked him about the Michigan Camp, and Justin assured me, "I'll be at the Michigan Camp. My hamstring will be fine by then."

And here's the best part: another reporter asked a somewhat leading question about another school. And Justin said, "Michigan is at the top."

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