Philly D-Lineman Plans Ann Arbor Camp Stop

We were able to chat with St. John Neumann&#8217;s (Philadelphia, PA) <strong>Marques Slocum</strong> after this past weekend&#8217;s <strong>Nike Camp</strong> at Penn State. In this update the dominant lineman sheds some light on his decision making process and where his recruitment stands at this point.

How do you think you did at the camp?

“Well, I ran a 5.06 forty and did 22 bench presses of 185. I was disappointed though. I could have done more on the bench. I started off slow and I didn’t get into my rhythm until I go to ten. That’s what set me back. As far as the 1-on-1’s, I think I did exceptionally well. I just went right at the people. I wanted to do my best. I wanted to be the standout.”

What schools have offered you thus far?

Michigan, Michigan State, West Virginia, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Maryland, Syracuse, LSU, Wisconsin, Boston College, Akron, and Connecticut are all I can remember off the top of my head. There are a lot. I have 18.

Do you have a favorite or a top 5 at this point?

“All reporters ask that, but I have to give you guys the same answer. I’m not going to lie to you and I’m coming from the truth when I say I don’t have a top 5. Everybody is open to me.”

One of your coaches said that you’re looking to get to a warm weather climate? Is that going to be a big factor?

“Maybe…I don’t really know. It’s going to depend on whatever the best school is for me. When I take my official visits, I’m going to take them to both hot AND cold places.”

Marques dominated in line drills last weekend

When do you plan on taking those visits?

“I’m going to try and take them after my season. This summer I’ll be looking at depth charts, majors, history of winning games and bowl games. I’ll be looking at everything about the schools. Then by the middle of the season I’ll have my top 10. Then after the season I’ll take my five official visits.”

Will you be camping anywhere this summer?

“Yes. My coach is doing a Midwest tour, so we’re going to go everywhere from Penn State, to Syracuse, to Boston College. Then we’ll head over to Michigan, Michigan State, Iowa, and Wisconsin. Then we’re going to take a southern tour down to Maryland, Virginia, Virginia Tech, North Carolina, and North Carolina State. I will also be trying to go out to the USC camp. One of my coaches knows the running backs coach out there. The downfall is the money. It’s not easy, but my mom is saving now.”

Talk a little more about the factors that will go into your decision making process?

“Do they have what I want to study in school. What’s the graduation rate? What are the chances of making it to a bowl game and competing for the national championship? Why are they interested in me? What can I bring to the team? When can I play? When can I start? Everything factors in. I’m not going to pick a school just because they won a national championship last year. There is more to it than that. I know that I messed up in high school my first three years. But now I realize that you need an education. That’s why I’m bringing up my grades right now. I’m working on my grades and I want to be the first person in my family to graduate from college.”

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