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<p>Comments from Iowa offensive lineman <strong>Matt Pipho</strong>, Pennsylvania RB/DB <strong>Mikell Simpson</strong>, Pennsylvania sophomore RB <strong>LeSean McCoy</strong>, and Maryland DL <strong>Melvin Alaeze</strong>.</p>

Matt Pipho

You mentioned that you may camp at Michigan. Is that still a possibility?

“I’m really thinking about it.”

Have any Michigan coaches been by your school?

“Yeah, one came by when he was in town to see Adrian Arrington.”

What are going to be some of the important factors in your choice?

“Academics and how good the schools have been in the past.”

What do you plan to major in?


Did you grow up an Iowa fan?

“Yes I did.”

Would that make them your favorite?

“No not really. I’m pretty open at this point.”

What schools have offered you thus far?

Stanford has offered me.”

What schools have you unofficially visited?

“I’ve been on unofficial visits to all of the Iowa schools so far.”

What side of the line do you play on in high school and do you have a preference at the next level?

“I play right tackle in high school, but it doesn’t matter where I play in college.”

Mikell Simpson

What positions do you play on your high school team?

“Running back, defensive back, punter, punt returner, and kickoff returner.”

What were your testing stats today?

“My forty was a 4.38, my shuttle was a 4 flat, I benched 19 reps and my vertical was 30 inches.”

What schools have offered you so far?

Vanderbilt, North Carolina, Syracuse, Wisconsin, UCLA, Virginia, Nebraska, and Notre Dame.”

Are all of those schools recruiting you for offense?

“Yes, they’re recruiting me at running back.”

Are any schools recruiting for defense?

“Nebraska offered me for both offense and defense, but I talked to them and we settled on the fact that it would be offense if I decided to go there.”

So you are definitely looking to play running back in college?


Do you have a top 5 at this point?

“Not at all. I’m just taking everything in and waiting until after the season to figure that out.”

What schools have you visited unofficially?

“I’ve been to Michigan, Pittsburgh twice, Virginia, and Maryland

Is distance from home going to be a factor?

“Not at all.”

What will be some of the things you consider?

“The environment, whether I can come in and play as soon as I hit the door, and the weather.”

So weather is going to be a factor?

“Yeah, a little bit.”

Do you prefer to go some place warm?


LeSean McCoy

What were your high school stats last season?

“I had 2500 yards and 30 TDs in 10 games.”

Did you have any postseason accolades?

“I was named First team All-State and EA Sports’ #1 sophomore.”

What were your Nike testing stats?

“I ran a 4.25 and a 4.37 in the forty, my shuttle was 4.1, I did 15 bench press reps, and had 35-inch vertical.”

What schools are you interested in at this early point?

Miami, Michigan, Penn State…any school really.”

Did you grow up a fan of any particular school?

“Nah, I just like football period.”

How would you describe your running style for those that haven’t seen you play?

“I’m a slasher type, but still a power back. I’m a back that can get the hard yards, but I’m flashy too.”

Melvin Alaeze

What are the top schools on your list at this point?

Florida, Miami, Florida State, Maryland, Tennessee, and Virginia Tech.”

What position are you looking to play?

“Defensive end.”

What were your testing stats?

“4.54 in the 40 and a 4.3 in the shuttle 6-3 277 bench-pressed 185 22 times.”

What schools have offered you up to this point?

USC Maryland Florida Miami, Virginia Tech, Boston College, Rutgers, Virginia.”

Have you been on any unofficial visits yet?

“Just to Maryland.”

Are you going to camp anywhere this summer?

“I might, but I don’t know.”

What are going to be some of the important factors in your choice?

“Location and the playing scheme at the school.”

Is distance going to be a factor?

“Distance isn’t really a factor. I’ll play anywhere.”

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