McCoy Comments on Michigan Offer

<p>Washington D.C. LB <strong>Rico McCoy</strong> received an offer from the University of Michigan today. The Wolverines have known about this hard hitting prospect since he camped in Ann Arbor last summer. Recently the Maize and Blue had fallen on his list. Did the offer move them back up?</p>

First we chatted with Rico’s dad….

Were you with Rico at camp last year?

“Yes. At the end of camp he was invited to go up and talk to Coach Carr. We had lunch. It was pretty cool.”

Did he recently receive an offer from Michigan?

“Yeah, they are just now offering him. Rico asked him today, 'did you forget me or what?!' (Laughing) He said that they hadn’t. I thought that we had sent them a tape, but we forgot to send them a tape.”

Does he have any camping plans this summer?

“I think he’s going to work out with his trainer this summer. We’re going to visit some schools so we can get a handle on where he’s going to take his officials. We plan on traveling a little bit in between his workouts with his trainer. This football season all I want him to worry about is playing.”

Then we spoke with Rico himself…

When did you get the offer?

“It happened this morning. I called Coach Carr and we talked about Michigan and he said that they need a great linebacker up there and he thought that I was a good candidate. Then he extended an offer.”

Your dad said you thought the may have forgotten about you.

“(Laughing) Yeah, I asked him that, but he said that they didn’t forget. He remembered me camping up there last year. The first couple minutes I was there I was moved up to play with the seniors in the 'A' group with the top guys. I had to leave a day early, so they arranged for me to go up and meet with Coach Carr and he talked with me and my dad in his office. He told me that he wanted me to come up there then. It wasn’t anything solid, but he let me know that he wanted me to come up there then.”

Is seemed as if Michigan was falling down your list over the past few months. Does this move them back up in your eyes?

“Yes it does.”

Do you have a favorite at this point?

“No I don’t. People tend to write what they want to at times, but I don’t have a favorite.”

How about a top 5?

“I can’t even name a top 5 right now. There have been a lot of schools closing in on me lately.”

What schools have offered you thus far?

Maryland, Pittsburgh, Syracuse, Virginia, North Carolina, Connecticut, Ohio State, Oklahoma, and Miami. Nebraska too. As a matter of fact, I just got an offer in the mail from them yesterday.”

Your dad mentioned that you probably wouldn’t camp this summer and that you would be working out with a trainer.

“That’s right. I’m not going to camp at all this summer. I’m going to work out with a trainer named Mr. Ricky Triplett. I’ll take some unofficial visits over summer, but that will be it.”

Have you figured out where you’re going to be going?

“I don’t really know. I might go up to Ohio State and if I make it up there I’ll most likely stop by Michigan. I’m just not sure right now. I still have to work all of that stuff out.”

What are going to be some of the factors in your choice?

“The environment. I’ll potentially be there the next four or five years, so I have to like it there. I want coaches that are going to stay on me and make me work hard and want to win just as bad as me. I also want a good academic support program with tutoring and stuff like that.”

Are you looking for a place where you could go in and play right away?

“That’s not going to be a factor in which school I go to. I would like to redshirt to get that extra year. That would be a year for me to mature. I’m still 16 years old and I’d like that time to mature.”

Is distance going to play a role?

“Not really. It I visit the school and I like it, then there’s a chance that I’d go there.”

Do you have a timetable for your decision?

“It won’t happen before my season because I want to take my visits. I’m just going to wait until afterward.”

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