Chris Douglas-Roberts Still Wide Open

<p>Detroit Cass Tech&#8217;s <strong>Chris Douglas-Roberts</strong> has been hampered by injury thus far on the summer circuit, but he&#8217;s rounding back into from and will be traveling to New Orleans with his AAU team, &#8220;The Family&#8221; to compete in the Memorial Day Classic. Before heading down to the bayou, the versatile guard took the time out to chat with us about his recruitment </p>

How does the commitment of Mario Chalmers to Kansas affect where the Jayhawks stand on your list?

“It affects it a lot because he plays my position. If I went there we’d be like battling for minutes, and I’m not really trying to be in a pecking order. It’s still a good school and I respect them a lot, but that commitment from Chalmers really took them down on my list of schools.”

Do you have a top 5 at this point?

Nope, I never did. They really weren’t at the top like that. I told everybody that I was really wide open.

How do you feel about Michigan at this point? Do you see their situation as a good opportunity?

“Yeah, it’s a good opportunity. But I’m looking at me and Jerret and…. I guess so,…it’s a good opportunity right now. “

Is the situation at Michigan with Jerret sort of similar to the one at Kansas with Chalmers from your standpoint?

“Sort of. A little bit. But that’s how it is I guess. That’s the business. I can’t be the only one that gets recruited. That’s the business. Lets just say that every school is still on an even scale.”

When is the last time you were in contact with the Michigan staff?

“It’s been about a month or so. Coach Amaker came and watched me work out, said a few words, and that was pretty much it. It went well.”

What schools besides Michigan came in during the evaluation period?

Michigan State Kansas, Marquette, Florida, Dayton, Illinois…there were a whole lot of them.”

Do you plan on trying to make a decision by the early signing period in November or waiting until the late period in April?

“Right now I plan on just going through the summer. I went from being ranked #41, to top 15, to top 10. I just want to prove to everybody that I’m top 10 in the country. Once all the schools see that, everybody will try to recruit me and then I can pick from there. Right now it doesn’t look like I’m going to be signing early.”

Off the top of your head, what are the schools you’re considering at this point?

“Michigan, Michigan State, Miami, Kansas, UCLA, Illinois, Oregon, Connecticut, Florida, Arizona, Marquette, Dayton, Cincinnati, Arkansas…the list goes on.”

Have all of those schools offered you?


What’s going to be the criteria that sets your top schools apart when you get ready to trim your list down?

“The family atmosphere that’s there. On both my high school and AAU teams, we’re like a family. We’re real close…even with the coaching staff. That’s what I’m looking for wherever I go.”

Do you know any of the players on Michigan’s team very well?

“Not really. Ronnie Coleman…that’s about it. “

GBW will have more from Chris Douglas-Roberts in the coming months.

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