Ryan Wright Speaks on Michigan Visit

<p>Loyola Catholic's (Mississauga, Ontario) <strong>Ryan Wright</strong> traveled stateside last week for a few campus visits. The high-flying forward recently gave GBW an update on where things stand after a few enjoyable trips.</p>

How did your visit to Ann Arbor go?

“It was my first time in Michigan and I really enjoyed it. I really enjoyed seeing the campus and meeting some of the players.”

What did you do on campus besides play pick-up basketball?

“When we first got there I met with Coach Amaker and Coach Swenson and spoke to them a little bit. They basically said they would want me to come in and play the forward and they would want me to play inside as well as outside. That’s good because that’s my game.”

“Then Coach Swenson took me around pretty much the whole campus. I met with an academic advisor, head of the business school, and the head of the admissions office.”

What other schools have you been to?

“Well, right after that I went to Michigan State.”

How did that go?

“That was also helpful. They gave me a lot of information on their school and I met with their coaches and teachers. It gave me a chance to compare both schools”

Did you participate in any open gyms while there?

“Yeah, they had a little scrimmage in their gym. A couple of their players played along with some high school players from the area along with students from the school.”

What did you take out your experiences playing with the guys at both schools?

“I got a little taste of what it’s like to play at the next level with those guys. They’re playing hard all of the time. Guarding those guys gave me a better idea of what I need to work on. Obviously I need to work on my strength and I think that will come. But for the most part I think I was able to keep up with those guys and play with them.”

Did any of the players give you any type of advice?

“I got a chance to talk to Chris Hunter a lot. He basically told me to take my time with things, to ask a lot of questions, and to just make the best decision for me.”

So, where would you say Michigan is on your list right now?

“They’re really high. I’d say they are in my top 3. Right now Michigan and Michigan State would be in there.”

Do you have a timetable for making your choice?

“I’ll probably make my decision in the fall. My top three teams could change by then though.”

Do you know Jevohn Shepherd very well?

I know Jevohn Shepherd well. I’ve played against him a lot and I work out with him a lot because his coach opens up the gym for players in the area.

Do you guys ever discuss where you might go to school?

“Not really. I’m not really sure where he’s thinking about going. I’ll have to ask him that. It would be cool if we could at least play in the same conference.”

What do you think of his game?

“I like his game. He can drive, he can shoot, and the guy is just an incredible athlete!”

GBW will have more from Ryan in the coming weeks.

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