Stewart and Trent Chomping at the Bit

Both <strong>Charles Stewart</strong> and <strong>Morgan Trent</strong> were slated for appearances in last weekend&#8217;s track finals. Circumstances, however, prevented each from grabbing top honors. These two young men aren&#8217;t hanging their heads though. They&#8217;re too busy preparing for the start of their Michigan careers.

In speaking with Charles Stewart earlier in the spring, he mentioned that good friend Morgan Trent would get some serious competition from him if the two were to meet up at an event this year. Seeking to lower both his 100 and 200m track times, Charles was certain that the work he was going to put in would produce the desired results. His times this year certainly bared that out. Unfortunately he wasn’t able to show his increased fleetness at the state meet.

“My best times this year were 10.7 in the 100 and 22.3 in the 200,” Charles said. “I didn’t get a chance to show that at states though. I didn’t get a chance to run in the finals. I got disqualified for false starting in the 200. I competed in two relays and we took 5th and 6th. We had a young team this year. Last year we had two seniors and two juniors.”

Now that track is over, Charles is ready to resume Michigan’s online conditioning routine, a regiment he had to back off of while sprinting. “I got the training program form online,” Charles said. “At first I was doing it, but it started conflicting with track. I had track meets 2 times a week and the program had me lifting really heavy during the week. You can’t really lift heavy like that before a meet so I had to come off of it for a little bit, but now I’m back on it.”

Charles Stewart

Track isn’t the only thing Charles recently closed the chapter on. After graduating last Sunday and an all night senior party, his high school career is officially over. His full attention is now being given to doing what it takes to make a successful transition to college life and wearing the winged helmet. “I’ve been running and working out and I’ve also been doing some one on ones with some of my buddies that are in college,” Charles said. “I’m supposed to come up (to Ann Arbor) this week. I was talking to Braylon and he said we should start running some 7-on7 soon.”

The former Harrison star sees an opportunity for some early playing time and is anxiously awaiting the chance to compete, a point that he abundantly clear. “I’m definitely looking forward to it,” Charles said. “I see that some playing time is definitely there. I just have to jump on it.”

Charles has been talking to future roommate Jamar Adams and good friend Morgan Trent about their forthcoming days as Wolverines. Morgan too is focused on his gridiron readiness. Many expected him to take home the gold in both the 100 and 200m races after a successful indoor track season and big time wins at the Don Mitchell Roosevelt Memorial track meet in Dayton Ohio. At that meet he won the 100 with a time of 10.54 seconds and defeated Ted Ginn in the 200 with a time of 21.41 seconds. Those looking for repeats of those performances were disappointed. However, Morgan pointed to the future as a reason for not running.

“There was really nothing left for me to prove,” Morgan said. “I’m not injured. I’m fine. I’m just concentrating on doing what it takes to get ready for football.”

With the type of work ethic these you men possess, they should fit right with their new team in Ann Arbor.

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