Chicago's Jason Avant Schedules Visits

Jason Avant has four official visits scheduled. He'll start his official visits this weekend in Ann Arbor.

WR/DB Jason Avant 6-2 197 4.4 Chicago (Carver)

Jason Avant, a 6-2 197 pound speedster with 4.4 speed in the forty is without question one of the most sought after prospects in the country.

Avant had 1,000 yards receiving and 13 touchdowns on offense this season. On defense, Jason had another stellar year with eight interceptions.

Avant's season was cut short eight games into the season with a knee injury. Jason has already had surgery and his rehab is going very well and he will be ready to go next season.

Avant is a super athlete who's gifted with natural ability but he's also one of the hardest workers and natural leaders in the nation.

Should Avant be considered for All-America honors?

Definitely. Avant can do it all and he does it on both sides of the ball. Jason is strong, quick, can jump, has excellent hands and he has sprinter speed.

Avant could be a prospect that's used on both sides of the ball at the next level the same way Georgia used Champ Bailey and Michigan used Charles Woodson.

Who has the inside track for Avant's services?

"I don't have a leader." Jason Avant said. "I'm going to take my visits and make a decision. I'm going to Michigan (11-30), Illinois (12-7), Tennessee (1-11) and I'll either visit Virginia or Georgia Tech on January 18th."

Many experts feel that Michigan is in the drivers seat because Avant attended the Wolverine summer camp and he's been to the Big House on few different occasions this year with his coach. Avant was recently in Ann Arbor to take in the Wolverines game against Ohio State.

"That was a bad game. Ohio State won the game but Michigan's quarterback threw some interceptions. Gabe Watson and Larry Harrison (Michigan Verbal Commitments) were at the game and I also so Greg Cooper.

Greg Cooper was the toughest defensive back I faced at camp. He was strong and tough. Everytime I thought I had him beat, he (Cooper) was right there with me."

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