Shepherd Set to Visit

<strong>Jevohn Shepherd</strong> is set to attend some of the biggest camps in the country in the coming weeks. He took the time to talk with GBW about playing against the best of the best and some of his other summer plans.

The word has spread on Jevohn Shepherd, but it isn’t all of the way out. The high-flying Canadian still soars in relative obscurity. The 360 double-pump he did to win the dunk contest at the Border Classic last month was par for exciting course for this youngster, but not a lot of people know it. Slowly but surely though, rim-shaking efforts like that are beginning to resonate stateside.

When GBW broke the news of Michigan’s interest in this little known prospect back in February, not many other schools were trying to get in on him. Even though no new offers have been extended, more and more eyes are gazing across the border to see what this talented young man has to offer.

The lack of attention isn’t really an issue for Jevohn. However, he’ll be attending a few major camps in the coming weeks (like the NBA Players Camp, Nike All-American Camp, and Las Vegas Big Time tournament), and he sees those national stages as opportunities to show people what he has. “It doesn’t really bother me that not a lot of people know about me,” Jevohn said. “But I guess you could say I’ll have a little something to prove at the camps.”

Michigan remains at the forefront in Shepherd’s recruitment. He calls the staff frequently and indicated that he’ll be making a trip to Ann Arbor very soon. “I talked to the coaches recently,” Jevohn said. “They just told me to keep working hard this summer. I’ll be down there on the 29th or the 30th (of June). I’m not sure off the top of my head.”

Don’t be surprised if his Michigan recruitment sees some significant movement on his visit. Stay tuned!

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