NBPA Interviews: Shepherd & Wright

<p><strong>Jevohn Shepherd</strong> and <strong>Ryan Wright</strong> both ventured south of the Canadian boarder to put their games up against those of the best high school players stateside. Both discussed their NBPA camp experience and what&#8217;s up next for them in the coming months.</p>

Jevohn Shepherd

How did the camp go for you?

“I think it went pretty good. I played on the wing. I don’t know what my high point total was though. They don’t tell us that. Our team struggled though. We didn’t win a game. I just wanted to finish strong.”

Did you get a chance to play with Jerret any?

“I played with Jerret a bit, but not too much. They kind of mixed us a lot.”

Did it seem like they weren’t passing you the ball?

“Well, they started passing to me more later.”

Did you know anyone other than Ryan Wright coming into the camp?

“No. I've never played with or against any of them. I didn’t know anyone besides Ryan Coming in.”

When we last spoke you told me you were going to be visiting Ann Arbor on the 29th or 30th of June. Do you have a firm date yet?

“I’m still not sure. I know that it will be the end of June though. I’ll probably go down and come right back.”

Do you plan to take any other visits this summer?

“None that I know of yet.”

Ryan Wright

How do you think camp went for you?

“I think it went pretty good.”

What are your goals heading into these camps this summer?

“I just want to learn from the coaches and players. I want to take what they’re teaching me and put it in my game.”

Was there any player at this camp that really stuck out in your opinion?

“My teammate O.J. Mayo is REALLY good. I didn’t know that he was in grade 9. When I found that out I was like WOW, that’s crazy!”

You visited both Michigan and Michigan State earlier this month. There has been talk that Michigan State might be your favorite. Is that the case?

“Nah. I like them both. I went on the Michigan State visit second and really liked it, but I like them both.”

You mentioned that Michigan and Michigan State were in your top 3 when we last spoke. What is the third team?

“Lets just say Michigan and Michigan State are the top two for now.”

Do you have a scholarship offer on the table from either of them?

“Not really on the table, but both of those teams told me that I have a place on their team if I want to commit.”

Do you plan to take any other visits this summer?

“I’ll probably take a couple. I’ll probably go out to UCLA and Stanford. Maybe Wisconsin too.”

Do you think you’ll make it back down to Michigan?

“Probably not this summer, but maybe in the fall.”

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