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NBPA Interviews: Cook & Green

<p>Two of the more explosive prospects at the recent NBPA camp were Dayton Ohio&#8217;s <b>Daequan Cook</b> (class of 06) and Houston Texas&#8217; <b>Gerald Green</b> (class of 05). Each player took the time to talk with GBW about his game and his recruitment.</p> <p>For links to previous stories on these players from the NBPA camp, check out the <a href="http://content.theinsiders.com/a.z?s=162&p=3&blipid=11757">2004 Summer Event Coverage</a> link on the left NAV bar.</p>

Daequan Cook

What are the top schools on your list at this point?

Texas, UNC, Xavier, Cincinnati, Ohio State, Michigan, and Illinois. There are lots more besides those though.”

Is one of those schools your favorite?

“UNC, Texas, and Illinois are probably the favorites right now.”

Are you looking to go in and start right away?

“It depends on where my game is when I get ready to go to school.”

Will you be visiting any schools anytime soon?

“I haven’t made plans for any yet.”

Is there a player in college or the pros that you compare yourself to?

“People compare me to Shawn Marion.”

What part of your game do you think you need to improve upon the most?

“I want to keep working on my entire game, but I really want to improve my defense. I just have to stay focused and keep working hard.”

What would you say is your strength?

“My strength is probably scoring over people. I play the 2-guard and I have advantage over a lot of them. Some I can just post up and others I can just shoot over. I can get my shot off when I want.”

Will distance from home be a factor for you?

“No, distance from home won’t be a factor at all.”

GBW will have more on Daequan Cook VERY soon!

Gerald Green

How did this camp go for you?

“It went all right. They had me running the 4, but in high school I run the 2 and it’s a big difference. I just went out there and played through it.”

What position are you looking to play in college?

“Most colleges are recruiting me at the 2.”

What are your top schools at this point?

“I’ve heard a lot from Oklahoma State, Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma and Arkansas. A lot of schools are looking at me, but those are the ones coming at me the hardest.”

Has Michigan been in contact?

“Michigan has called a few times. They would move up a lot if I heard from them more.”
[edt note: GBW has learned that Michigan made contact subsequent to this interview]

What will be some of the factors in your decision?

“The main factor has to be education. A lot of guys don’t make it to the NBA. I could get hurt or there could be something else that keeps me out. So, I want to have a great education so I can be successful in life.”

Have you taken visits to any schools?

“I’ve been on unofficial visits to Houston, Texas, and Kansas. I visited North Carolina and Duke, but that was just because we had a tournament out there.”

When do you plan to take more?

“I’ll probably take more visits in the fall.”

Do you have a timetable for your decision?

“I don’t know. I could make my decision on one of my visits, or I could commit to a school that I haven’t even been to. I don’t really have a plan for that. I know in my head that I’ll probably commit on one of my visits.”

Is there a player in college or the pros that you would compare yourself to?

“A lot of people compare me to Tayshaun Prince because I’m so long and skinny.”

Is there a part of your game that you think you need to improve upon?

“Of course! My defense! I really need to improve that. At the college level you have to play defense or you won’t be able to play. I also need to improve my mental toughness and my physical toughness.”

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