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NBPA Interviews: Augustine & Hale

<b>D.J. Augustine</b> will only be a Jr. next year, but the lighting quick PG is a prospect that UM fans have been hearing for quite some time. On the other hand, Sr.<b> Harvey Hale</b> is a fairly new name to UM recruitniks. Each player updated GBW on where things stand. <p>For links to previous stories on these players from the NBPA camp, check out the <a href="http://content.theinsiders.com/a.z?s=162&p=3&blipid=11757">2004 Summer Event Coverage</a> link on the left NAV bar.</p>

Darryl "D.J." Augustine

How has your summer been going?

“It’s been pretty good. It’s been real busy though. I’m tired but you have to work through that.”

How was this camp for you?

“This was a nice camp. I not only learned a lot about basketball, but about life skills as well.”

Which of the shoe camps will you be attending?

“The Adidas camp in Georgia.”

What schools are on you list?

North Carolina, Michigan, Georgetown, LSU, and Duke are the ones off the top of my head. There are a lot of others as well though. I haven’t really been concentrating on recruiting too much.”

I understand that Michigan assistant coach Charles Ramsey came down to see you earlier this year.

“Yeah, that’s right. He came out for one of my games. He also watched me work out too.”

Do you think Michigan will be one of the schools you visit?

“Probably so.”

Have you taken any unofficial visits yet?


When do you think you’ll start?

“Probably next year sometime.”

What will be some of the factors in your choice?

“I’ll be looking at the academics, basketball history of school, and how I like it on the campus.”

Will distance from home be a factor for you?

“Not really.”

Do you know Adam Kraus very well?

“Yes I do. He played on my team when we lost the championship.”

Does he ever talk to you about Michigan?

“Yes he does (laughing). He came back to school a few times with his ring on and was showing it to us. He definitely talks about Michigan when he comes back.”

Harvey Hale

How did this camp go for you?

“The camp went really good. I think the scouts and coaches were looking for things other than scoring. I just tried to play hard and do other things like play defense, rebound, and get my teammates involved.”

Have you visited any schools yet?

“No, I haven’t taken any visits. The top schools I’m looking at are Marquette, Cincinnati, Michigan, Georgia Tech, and Florida.”

Is one of those schools your favorite?

“Cincinnati and Marquette are the favorites right now, but if I hear more from Michigan they’ll definitely move up.”

Do you know what you want to major in?

“Either law or marketing. I’d like to be a sports agent.”

What are going to be some of the factors in your choice?

“The main things will be my relationship with the coaching staff and style of play.”

Are you looking to go in and start right away?

“No, I really don’t care about starting because I know if I play hard that things will work themselves out. I just want to be able to play the 1 and the 2.”

Will distance from home be a factor?

“Not at all. I’m just looking for a situation that is going to be good for me and one that my family likes.”

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