Jim S. - Camp & Early Verbals - An Analysis

Many folks have asked for an analysis of camp commits and other early verbal commitments. Jim S. presents his overview of these verbals since the 2001 class.

Thus far, Michigan has 9 early verbals, 4 from the camp and 5 from the pre-camp period. Michigan has the potential to receive as many as another 5 camp era (pre-August) verbals. Inside is a historical analysis of how this years rate of early verbals stacks up compared to recent years.

Interestingly, other than the 2003 recruiting year, when there were only 5 early (pre-August) verbals, Michigan has averaged between 8-10 early verbals per year. The 2005 class is garnering commitments faster than any other class in Michigan history. It had a record 5 pre-camp verbals (equal to the prior three years COMBINED). Thus far, it has only 4 camp commitments, as compared to between 6-8 in recent years excluding 2003. However, as many as 5 additional verbals could emerge from the camp this month, with Zirbel and Schoenhoft being the most likely.

What about the old adage "trust the coaches" when it comes to taking campers and/or relative unkown prospects. In truth, the jury is still out when examining the most recent classes, but (on the message board) is the year-by-year breakdown:

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