Nike Camp Interviews: Ryan Wright

<p>We've been without internet access for the past 24 hours, but now we're up, running, and ready to go! First to the plate is <strong>Ryan Wright</strong>. The young man has been extremely impressive thus far and he gathered with a pool of reporters for a very long interview which detailed his recruitment as it now stands.</p>

Where are you in your recruitment right now?

"Right now I probably have a list of 10, but I'm still fairly open. I'm looking to narrow my list down after the summer once these camps are finished and after I get some more visits done."

What schools are you hearing from a lot?

"I'm hearing a lot from Michigan, Michigan State, Wisconsin, Illinois, Georgia Tech, UCLA, Stanford, Pittsburgh, and Kentucky. I might be missing one or two, but that's mostly who I'm hearing from right now."

In your mined, what's the state of basketball in Canada? Is the level of play up there improving?

"Yeah. It's kind of hard because up there it's one or two athletic guys, but for every one good player up there, there are like 100 down here. So, it's an adjustment I have to make. I'm not going to always be able to jump over or outrun people, so I've got to depend on my skills a lot now. I'm learning how to depend on my skills by playing against all of these good players."

Does that make these kinds of tournaments especially important for you?

"Yeah, very important. When I'm playing in Canada I can dominate on my athleticism. But down here I'm learning all of these new things that I can use it the games...and it's working so far. I'm doing pretty well."

Was the NBPA camp where you thought you had the first chance to really showcase your abilities?

"Yeah. The players camp was where I had the first chance to play against all of these top players."

Where have you visited so far?

"I've visited Michigan, Michigan State, UCLA, Stanford, and Pepperdine. I want to try to visit Wisconsin or Pittsburgh soon. Those other schools I named ...I want to try to visit those too. All of those have been unofficial so far. I haven't taken one official yet, so I still have a lot of visits left."

How did the west coast schools compare to the midwest schools?

"The weather is obviously different. It's the west coast. But weather and location aren't everything to me. I just want to have the best experience in college and I want to get into the best situation for me to play in. So I've got to go over it with my dad. I've got to go over the depth charts to see what players are at my position and see what players they are recruiting at my position because I want to play when I get to college. I want to learn on and off the court."

How many of the schools you mentioned have offered?

"Pretty much all of them. I just started talking to Kentucky a week or two ago, so I'm not sure that they've offered. But all of those other schools I've been talking to since October or November. They've all offered me."

What schools would you like to take official visits to?

"I'd probably like to take official visits to Wisconsin, Illinois, of those west coast schools. Realistically I can probably only do one of the west coast schools, but I'm not sure which one yet."

What were the differences between Michigan and Michigan State?

"Michigan is more like a campus that is built into the city. Michigan State is like a campus separated from the city. It's two different things... two contrasting things. I'm not really sure which one I like better yet. Both of those were really nice campuses and both have really good academics. It's going to be tough."

When did Illinois get involved?

"Illinois got involved in April after I played at the Charlie Weber tournament in DC. They actually came out to my school. Me, Coach Jay Price, my principal, and my coach all had a meeting. I want to definitely visit out there and see what they have to offer."

How important are academics to you?

"Academics are really important. I like to try as hard in the classroom as I do on the court. I'm a very competitive person in the classroom. It's paying off because I'm getting high grades, so hopefully I can go to a schools with good academics. I'd like to be playing the rest of my life but that may not happen, so I want to get a good degree so I can get a nice job."

At the NBPA camp you mentioned that Michigan and Michigan State were basically the two schools sticking out on your list at that point. Is that still the case?

"Yeah, they are. I can't really say they're my TOP 2, like first place and second place, but they're definitely really high. It's going to be tough choosing between one of those schools and one of the schools that you already visited."

Have you thought anymore about your decision timetable.

"I want to probably sign early. In November. So, I'll probably decide by like ...October. So I'm going to take all of my visits in two months. I'm going to have to do a lot of homework on the road."

Is distance from home going to be a factor?

"For me it doesn't really matter. I just want to get in the best situation for me. My parents understand that."

Do you follow Kentucky at all? Have you talked to Tubby?

"I've seen them play on TV, but I don't really know that much about them. That's all new to me. I don't even know much about that state or that area. So, I have to do a lot of research on them to see if they're the right fit for me."

"I talked to one of the assistants. I can't remember which one."

Can you talk about your visit to Michigan again?

"I had a meeting with Tommy Amaker and Chuck Swenson. I also got a chance to talk to their academic people and the head of the business school. They have one of the best business schools in the country That will be a factor in my decision because I want to get into business."

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