Reebok ABCD Day 1 Recap

<p>We continue our camp coverage by checking in with a knowledgeable GBW correspondent that made the trek all of the way to New Jersey to report on the Reebok ABCD camp. He fills us in on the progress of <strong>David Lighty</strong>, <strong>Daequan Cook</strong>, <strong>Jerret Smith</strong>, <strong>Tory Jackson</strong>, and more.</p> <p>We also got a brief update from our correspondent at the Adidas Superstar Camp in Georgia.</p>

The text that follows below are quotes from our GBW correspondent at the ABCD camp:

"I like David Lighty a lot! He's an extremely athletic wing that can take it to the basket with both his left and his right, plus he can jump out of the gym when he gets there. Complementing that is an absolutely beautiful jumper. He has textbook form. Unlike a lot of kids you'll see, he doesn't take time off on defense. He's super active and his length (6-4 to 6-5) causes defenders problems on both ends of the court. In speaking with David he could hardly contain his excitement about Michigan. "I had a GREAT visit to Michigan," Lighty exclaimed! "I love the atmosphere.. I love the fans... I love the facilities. They are very high on my list." (We'll have more from him later.)"

"What can I say about Daequan Cook that hasn't already been said? I think a lot of Ramar Smith, but he doesn't hold a candle to this kid. Cook is a flat out MAN on the court! He physically overmatched O.J. Mayo early in the day and then came back in the evening and gave it to Montae Ellis! He is just so much stronger than the kids he goes against it's ridiculous. H e averaged about 15 points per game over the contests I watched, but those numbers just don't do him justice. He did everything on the court. On offense both the jumper and the dribble drive were going. On defense, he took his opponents out of their games with his aggressiveness. He even found time to hit the boards. The kid is an absolute pleasure to watch. I'll be sitting down with him today to find out where things stand."

"Jerret Smith has been doing what Jerret normally does. The difference is, this time he is playing with teammates that can actually catch his passes! O.J. Mayo, Bill Walker, and Andre Blatche have benefited greatly from what may be the most unselfish kid in the joint. All you hear from spectators in the crowd (including college coaches) is, "man, that kid is sooo unselfish!" His on-court generosity led to double-digit assists (an unofficial count of 13 or 14 according to some) in one game. That's minus the beautifully thrown alley-oop that he threw to Blatche off of the backboard that he wasn't able to finish. You can tell that Jerret's teammates love playing with him. It seems like he and O.J. are slapping hands every 10 seconds! As far as Jerret's own offense goes, he hasn't really been looking for it too often. I'd like to see him show a little more intensity and take it to the basket a little more...but all in all he is having a very strong camp. Former Carolina coach Matt Doherty has been working with him on his game and helping with court basics (i.e. where and how to move) and he looks to be absorbing quite a bit."

"Tory Jackson is one of he best point guards in attendance. There is absolutely no question about that. He has been big time all summer and he has continued the same high level of play here in New Jersey. Word has it that Tom Izzo offered him a scholarship, and I can certainly see why. There are four or five teams that are playing good team basketball here. It's no secret that most of those squads have good PG play. Tory's team can certainly be put in that category. I didn't call it "Tory's team" by accident either. He is running his team like it was his high school squad at Saginaw Buena Vista. Watching this group of guys play, it's obvious that they have a tremendous amount of respect for Tory because they ALWAYS make sure the ball is in his hands. The only time it's not is when he isn't on the court or if there is an obvious fast break opportunity for someone else. Otherwise he is controlling things by setting up the offense and directing his teammates on where to be. He has done a terrific job of getting others involved. That said, don't think he is sleeping on his own offense. We know what he can do from the outside...and that has been evident here. He has also done a good job of getting to the basket. A good example occurred yesterday when he was fouled by an opponent that was a attempting to steal the ball. The ref didn't call it, which made Tory a little upset. The next time Tory came down the court he went right, crossed left, head faked a big man that came over to help, and then nailed a double clutch in the lane. He proved his point to the defender. Don't reach!"

"I watched Matt Shaw for a while yesterday and the first thing you notice is he can shoot the J pretty well for a big guy. The other thing you notice is his teammates don't really pass him the ball. He didn't let that bother him though (as you'll see in a later interview). He can really get up and down the floor, but could stand to get a bit stronger. He seemed to be feeling the ACC schools more than Michigan."

"The final kid I watched yesterday was Tom Herzog. As has been the case everywhere else he has been, he just isn't strong enough to really be effective. That, however, doesn't stop me from thinking he will be a player. Everyone knows that he's long and can move well for a guy his size. What I found encouraging was that his spirit wasn't broken by the pounding he was taking. He kept sticking his nose right back in there, which is what he is going to have to do if he is going to get better."

GBW will be bringing forth more from the ABCD camp later.

We also chatted briefly with our scout at the Adidas Superstar Camp in Georgia

"Kendric Price and Brandon Costner were big time yesterday. BIG TIME! Price has been doing it all, much of which has come in the presence of UM assistant Charles Ramsey according to our scout. The northeast prospect is definitely making a name for himself with his all-around offensive game. Costner also notched impressive performances, nailing shots from NBA range. If Michigan lands either one of those kids consider them to have struck gold."

"Another name to look out for is K'len Morris. I've been very impressed with what I've seen from him down here. He's much more athletic than I thought he was and is a better scorer than I gave him credit for too. People think of David Kool when someone talks about the Mustangs. Morris is showing that he should get equal (if not greater) billing."

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