Nike Camp Interviews: Isaiah Dahlman

<p><strong>Isaiah Dahlman</strong> is another of Michigan's talented targets in the class of 2006. The sweet shooting 2006 wing had some very interesting things to say about the Wolverines.</p>

What were your high school stats last year?

"I averaged 28 points, 6 rebounds, and 4 assists per game."

For those that haven't seen you, is there someone we could compare your game to?

"I don't compare myself to anybody, but I've heard others make comparisons to Jalen Rose or Tayshaun Prince."

What's your biggest strength?

"Probably my offensive game. I'm a scorer. Every team I've played on since I was little, I've been a scorer. The levels have gotten higher, but that hasn't changed."

What do you think you have to work on?

"I'd probably say my off of the ball defense. I play pretty good defense when I'm on the ball, but off the ball I have to work on getting through picks and taking better angles."

Have you gotten stronger over the summer?

"Yeah, I've been working three days a week in the weight room. Our weight training coach has helped me a lot. He has pushed me a lot, so that's really good for me. I've put on like 10 pounds throughout the summer. I feel myself getting stronger too. I'm up to 6-7, 175."

How long has Michigan been in contact with you?

"Last year is when I first heard from them. They've stayed in touch and sent me letters, but recently they've been sending me lots more stuff and talking to me on a more consistent basis."

How about Michigan State?

"Yeah, I've been contacted by them. I've talked to the head coach and an assistant a couple of times. They've been really good conversations. They're really nice, easy people to talk to. They can kind if relate to where I'm from. I'm from a small town and coach Izzo said that he's from a small town too, so he can relate. They send me stuff regularly."

Were they the first schools to contact you?

"Yeah. Michigan, Michigan State, and Illinois were all right away. It was mostly the Big 10 schools right away, then it kind of went to the ACC and Big 12 schools."

Did Michigan's NIT championship season affect how you view them?

"Yeah. I see that they're turning their program around and I think they are getting a lot better. When I watched them on TV in the NIT they looked really good. They looked real competitive. I like that."

Have you taken any unofficial visits to any schools?

"Just Minnesota and Creighton. I plan to take more, but it costs a lot of money to travel, so we're going to take them when we can afford it. It'll probably be this summer. If things continue, I'll probably take a lot more next summer."

What are some of the factors that will go into your decision?

" I want to find a school with good coaches and players around me so I can blend in. Basically I want to find a school that can compete for a national championship and have a chance to win it."

Will distance be a factor for you?

"No, it doesn't really matter."

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