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Nike Camp Day 3 Recap

<p>We check again with <strong>Jevohn Shepherd</strong>, <strong>Ryan Wright</strong>, <strong>Deshawn Sims</strong>, <strong>Isaiah Dahlman</strong>, and <strong>Tywon Lawson</strong>. We also caught <strong>James Dews</strong> and <strong>Kevin Durant</strong> in action. Both had a lot to say about their recruitments.</p> <p><strong><font size="3">***Photos Included***</font></strong></p>

Jevohn Shepherd as a passer? He did a good job of being one yesterday. He threw a beautiful alley-oop to Josh McRoberts (who has been fantastic by the way) that had everyone buzzing. In front of Amaker the other day, he drbbled behind his back to shake one defender before the half court line, behind his back again to shake another defender after the half court line, and hit McRoberts down low with a perfect pass that resulted in the Duke bound big man getting fouled. Jevohn did commit a few turnovers when he drove into traffic in the paint and tried to pass out of it though. Offensively he's shown glimpses, especially from the outside, but has mostly played the background on a team that has seen McRoberts and Louis Williams break out and have absolutely sensational showings. They are definitely two of the top 10 players at the camp.

Jevohn goes up for the slam

Deshawn Sims is tuning heads. The young man's ability to stick it from the outside has a lot of folks talking. His step back 3 in the afternoon session yesterday prompted one coach to comment, "That kid is one of the best shooting big men here." He wasn't as consistent from the outside in that game, but still impressed with his activity on the inside, especially on the offensive glass. The majority of his points were of the stick back variety or on the break. He would have had 20+ if he didn't miss a number of attempts in close. Those extra points proved valuable in a single-digit loss to Ryan Wright's squad.

Deshawn with the facial

We've mentioned this before, but Ryan has shown us a great deal with his inside work. The young man is rebounding extremely well. In the night session he went to the hole strong every time he got the ball and converted a few would-be and-1s. It's clear from what he says off the court and what he does on it that he is really learning a lot. That may be what impresses us most because he has come a long way in a very short time. The increase in the level of competition is bringing out the best him. That suggests that the parts of his game that are missing (namely his post skills) can be acquired if he continues to work hard.

Ryan to the hole

James Dews is an outstanding shooter... one of the best in attendance. If he is left open, you might as well count it. That said, he is making more noise with his floor game. He has really demonstrated that he can handle point guard duties at this camp. His handle is fluid and he has been getting the ball to his teammates is a position where they can go to work. That's particularly intriguing because at 6-3, he has excellent size for a one. Our only reservation is we haven't seen him attack the basket yet. We spoke to him at length about Michigan and there is no question that he's interested.

James Dews

How do you think you're doing in the camp?

"I think it's going really well."

How would you describe your game to those that haven't seen you before?

"I'm a good shooter. A great shooter!"

What schools are on your list at this point

"Dayton, Michigan, Michigan State, Xavier, Ohio State, and Notre Dame."

Have you been on any unofficial visits yet?

"I've taken a lot. Dayton, Xavier, Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State, and Wake Forest."

When did you go to Michigan?

"It was sometime last year."

Was it for an open gym?

"Yeah, when I went to Michigan for my unofficial visit, I played in an open gym."

What were your impressions?

"I really liked them. I like them a lot. I got a good first impression and the coaches were really nice. I talked to Coach Amaker for a little bit. He is a really nice guy."

What were your impressions of the guys?

"They were real nice. They all treated me really well."

Did you say that you were leaning towards Xavier and Ohio State?

"I'm not sure who I'm leaning towards right now."

What are going to be some of the factors in your decision?

"The players that are there, how the coaches treat me, and the environment."

What do you want to major in?

"Probably education."

Kevin Durant is showing every one here that he should be considered a 3 and not a player that should be bulked up into a 4. When we saw him at the Charlie Weber Tournament in April we mentioned his outstanding face up skills. He has continued to show them here in Indy. It's scary to think that he hasn't filled out physically yet. Especially since he is already such a terrific rebounder. He is hard to keep off of the glass because he reacts to the ball so quickly. What he lacks is strength. Once he gets it.... We spoke to him about Michigan and the Wolverines remain a player in his recruitment.

Kevin Durant

What were your stats last season?

"I averaged 20.7 points and 10.2 rebounds."

You play the 3 in high school and you've been playing a lot of 3 here. Is that the position you want to play in college?

"Yes it is."

Your perimeter game is kind of advanced for a guy your size. Did you use to be a backcourt player?

"Yeah, but when I was in 9th grade I had a growth spurt and grew about five or six inches. I was 6-3 when I started that year."

Is there a player in college or the pros that you model your game after?

"I'd say Kevin Garnett."

What schools are you hearing from right now?

"UNC Duke, Michigan, NC State, Texas, Syracuse Maryland."

Have you been on any unofficial visits yet?

"I've been to Maryland."

Will you take any more this summer?

"I don't think so."

Who have you heard from at Michigan?

"Coach Swenson has called my school a couple of times and talked to my coach."

Did you watch Michigan in the NIT this year and did that affect how you looked at them?

"Yeah, I watched that. It didn't really affect what I thought because I had already heard good things about the school. Bernard Robinson is from around where I live at. People I talk to know him and they say that Michigan is a good place to be."

Did you grow up liking any particular team?

"Not really."

Is distance from home going to be a factor?

"A little bit."

Do your parents have a preference?

"My mother doesn't want me to go to a local school. She said she wants me to get away from home."

What about you?

"I don't know right now. I'll probably know sometime next year if I wasn't to stay home or not."

Durant's AAU teammate Tywon Lawson just keeps getting it done. In last night's game he quite simply took over. His team was stagnate, so Lawson jump-started the unit by taking the ball to the hole. No one could keep him out of the lane. He got there at will and again showed that he could finish in spite of contact. He finished with about 16 points and would have had more if they let the kids shoot and-1s. Keith Brumbaugh is the guy everyone goes to see on that team, and he certainly deserves that attention as a prospect. That said, all of the onlookers HAVE to come away impressed with Lawson. Sure he's only 5-11, but the kid is a flat out leader. It will be interesting to see if Michigan can move up in his recruitment now that they are being listed by him.

Tywon takes it to the rack

The final kid we watched on the day was Isaiah Dahlman and he didn't disappoint. He tortured the opposition to the tune of 20+ points with array of jumpers from 15-feet all of the way out to the three point line. We spoke to his AAU coach, who likened him to Jalen Rose, and he said that he thinks his prized prospect will still grow another 2 inches! Isaiah isn't going to wow you with explosive attacks to the rim. But, if you want a big time scorer that can go baseline, pull-up in the paint, and/or shoot the 3, this is your man. He has a great deal of potential. We're still taken aback by why well he puts the ball on the floor. For those that missed our interview with Isaiah, click here.


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