Reebok ABCD Day 1 Recap
Shoe Camps: Final Day Recap

"> Reebok ABCD Day 1 Recap
Shoe Camps: Final Day Recap


Reebok ABCD Interviews: Daequan Cook

<p>We caught up with the Dayton Dunbar star at the camp in New Jersey and filled us in on where Michigan stands after his visit a few weeks ago.</p> <p><em>For those that missed our report on Daequan's play at the ABCD camp, click the links below:<br> <a href="">Reebok ABCD Day 1 Recap</a><br> <a href="">Shoe Camps: Final Day Recap</a></em></p>

How do you think camp went for you?

"The first day I was really looking to get mine because I had some big match ups. After that, though, I was just trying to let the game come to me. I just wanted to play a role and let my teammates do their thing. If they needed me to step up, I did."

What was your goal in coming here?

"I came to have fun and play solid, and establish myself as the top 2-guard in the country."

What are your top schools at this point?

"UNC is my squad. I’ve been liking them since I was a kid. UNC, Michigan and Texas would probably be the top ones right now."

How was your visit to Ann Arbor?

"I really had a good time on my visit to Michigan. I loved it! I liked the guys. Petway, Dion, and the guy from New York [J.C. Mathis] really showed me a good time. I just had a real nice time. I really liked it up in Ann Arbor."

What do you think of Coach Amaker?

"I like the way Coach Amaker coaches because they use the up and down game and that fits my style."

Will it be important for you to stay close to home?

"Not really, but it would be nice to stay close to home."

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