Schoenhoft Hasn't Decided Yet

GoBlueWolverine got the very latest this afternoon from Cincinnati quarterback <b>Rob Schoenhoft.</b> He's announcing his decision at the Elite 11 Quarterback next week, and there have been several reports this week indicating that OSU was the choice. Robby was quite open with us today -- here is what he said.<br><br> <B>EARLY EVENING -- ADDITIONAL</b>

We spoke this afternoon to Quarterback Rob Schoenhoft (2-Day '04 U-M camper, 01/02/03 U-M camper, OSU Nike stats: 6-5 1/2, 233 lbs., 4.88 in the 40, 29 inch vertical jump, 2.8 GPA/23 ACT) from Cincinnati, Ohio, St. Xavier.

First off, please note this. We fully 'cop' to the fact that this is a report for Michigan fans. And so we start with the acknowledgment that his statement to the site yesterday that OSU leads Michigan now, based on a better depth chart situation at quarterback, is not inaccurate. That noted, we wanted to see if Robby's recruitment was, as was reported by one non-U-M report, a 'done deal'. So for us that was the 'jumping off point' of the interview with Robby; as usual he was quite open with us, and here is what he told us:

"No, I have not made up my mind yet. I'm really not sure yet. For one thing, I have not talked to (OSU Head) Coach Tressel yet. I'll be calling him tomorrow -- and I have some questions for him, just as I've had for the other head coaches I've talked to."

Robby is friends with San Diego quarterback Mark Sanchez, who's reportedly announcing his decision at the Elite 11 as well. So we asked Robby if he's talked to Sanchez, and whether Mark has he told Robby what school he (Sanchez) is going to pick?

"Yeah, we're friends. Mark and I are rooming together next week at the Elite 11. But no, I don't know what school he's picking."

Sanchez also has OSU as one of his finalists. So we asked Robby if it would make a difference to him of Sanchez picked Ohio State.

"Sure it would make a difference."


Later in the afternoon Robbie added to us:

"I'll be talking to Mark Sanchez tonight. And I'm calling (Michigan Assistant) Coach Herrmann tonight as well."

Then the Schoenhofts are leaving for a vacation before heading to the Elite 11 camp.

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