Checking In with QB Jason Forcier

San Diego St. Augustine quarterback <b>Jason Forcier</b> was a U-M camper this summer, as well as in 2002. With U-M's quarterback recruiting going back to 'square one', will Jason be in the picture? GoBlueWolverine spoke to him Monday afternoon.<br><br> Speaking of pictures -- included are LOTS of GBW photos of Jason!

We at GoBlueWolverine have watched Jason Forcier (One-day '04 U-M Camper, 6-2, 205 lbs., Nike stats: 4.55 in the 40, 4.34 sec. shuttle, 27.9 inch vertical jump ... 3.0 GPA/1080 SAT) several times now this spring and summer. When compared to Robbie Schoenhoft and Evan Sharpley ... all three are on the raw side, with Schoenhoft and Forcier playing on running teams, and Sharpley spending his springs/summers playing baseball (he's a pitcher). Of the three, Schoenhoft is the tallest and biggest and possessess the best arm, Sharpley has the smoothest, most natural throwing motion, and Forcier has the best feet. Both Forcier and Sharpley are 6-2, and they have similar better-than-average arms. Forcier is stronger than Sharpley, with Evan being smoother. Personality-wise, all three are truly outstanding and friendly young men, with Sharpley being the most serious, Schoenhoft being quiet but perpetually smiley and good-natured, and Forcier being the most outgoing, high-energy, even effervescent.

As a junior at Santa Ana Mater Dei Forcier passed for 1,370 yards and 10 touchdowns and rushed for 801 yards and eight touchdowns. This summer he transferred to San Diego St. Augustine, in order to be able to spend his senior year living with his parents who live in San Diego -- and secondarily to play on a pass-oriented team. Jason's father grew up in the Detroit suburbs, and the Forcier family has been U-M fans.

We spoke to Jason this (Monday) afternoon.

Have you been in contact with Michigan since camp?

"I haven't talked to Coach Loefffler (the Michigan quarterback coach) since the Michigan Camp. I've called him a few times but I've missed him, and he can't call back of course."

What college camps did you attend this summer?

"Notre Dame's, Michigan's, Ohio State's, Illinois', and Michigan State's."

Who has offered you?

"Illinois, UCLA, Colorado, Wisconsin (they've gotten a quarterback commitment, and I think they're actually a little too far north for me), Utah, Wyoming ... and Ball State also offered me right after the Michigan Camp."

If U-M were to come after you hard ...?

"If Michigan were to come after me hard I'd get real interested -- that's my favorite school growing up! I know they've signed impressive guys at quarterback the last couple years, but you know what, I'm going to have to compete anywhere I go -- that's how I look at it. Besides, you never know anyway -- who might get hurt, who might leave, all those things."

"Coach Loeffler seems the most personable of all the college quarterback coaches I worked with, and I like the way he coaches. If I am good enough to play at the next level someday -- if any coach can get a quarterback to his full potential it's Coach Loeffler. He'd be a great coach to play for. And I like the Michigan offense."

"I've been told a few times that I remind coaches of Brian Griese."
Note: it's true that Forcier has the same height, build and arm as Griese at the same age ... Jason may have better feet.

Are you determined to make a summer decision?

"Not necessarily. If Michigan were to offer me I probably would ... or if Michigan State offered I'd consider making an early decision. Otherwise I'll probably play it out ... I'll see who offers after couple games. Some SEC schools have said they want to see me throw the ball 20 times a game for a few games to see how I do ... at Mater Dei I ran it as much or more than I passed it. And so far, at St. Augustine that's been working out real well -- we've been winning most of the passing tournaments we're played in this summer."

As far as whether Forcier feels like the 'odd man out' with the commitments of his friends Sharpley (to ND), Schoenhoft (to OSU this week?) and Mark Sanchez (to USC).

"Oh no. I feel fortunate to be in the position I'm in right now. Brian Griese walked on at Michigan and had one good year as a starter ... and things worked out pretty well for him, didn't they."

Note: will Forcier become Michigan's next quarterback recruiting target? Time will tell.

At OSU Nike (Bucknuts Photo)

GBW Photo: Forcier runs a SDST Nike drill

GBW photo: Jason sets up (A movie star in the background? Nah, it's Jason's dad!)

GBW Photo: Forcier spots his target

GBW Photo: Jason fires

GBW Photo: Jason Forcier gives us his smile.

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