Fla. Quarterback Mike Greco

One of the top Michigan Camp Quarterbacks was <b>Mike Greco</b> from Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. GoBlueWolverine visited with Mike's mother this (Wed.) morning.

Ft. Lauderdale Cardinal Gibbons quarterback Mike Greco was a two-day Michigan Campter this past June. The wiry left-handed signal-caller had amazing stats at this past April's Miami NIKE Camp: 6-3, 200 lbs., a 4.37 sec. 40, a 3.9 sec. shuttle, a 33 inch vertical, and 16 bench press reps of 185 lbs. As a junior Greco, who plays in a run-based offense, threw for 820 yards, ran for 350, and scored 11 touchdowns.

Here are some of the things Mike's mother told us this morning.

Regarding the Michigan Camp:

"Coach Carr spoke with him when he finished camp, and said that out of 12 senior quarterbacks at camp Mike was one of the top guys that they are going to follow and recruit. He said there was an Ohio quarterback (Robbie Schoenhoft) that they'd known for years and had offered, and if this guy went elsewhere then they'd open up their quarterback recruiting."

"Mike liked his time at Michigan, and he really liked the stadium. We've always heard a lot of great things about Michigan. They groom great quarterbacks there, and it's a top school that provides a great education."

"The one thing about Michigan -- Mike doesn't care for cold weather, Mike is a guy who, the hotter it gets, the better he likes it. It'd be good to see a Michigan game later in the fall so Mike could see what it's like once it gets cooler. I grew up in Connecticut so the cold is familiar to me ... I said to Mike, 'Hey, I'd buy you a pair of gloves!' But that will be a factor for him."

Regarding his main schools of interest:

"Mike only went to two summer camps, Michigan's and NC-State's. He just came back from NC-State a few days ago. He took Government in summer school to get that out of the way, so that limited what he could do. He had to get a one-day pass from class even to come to the Michigan Camp. He starts school on Aug. 16, so he's probably done with camps ... FSU may still have one he could get to."

"Mike has quite a few offers now ... schools I can think of are: NC-State, Rutgers, Iowa, UConn, Auburn, Minnesota ... and at the Michigan Camp he got offered by some of the MAC schools."

"UConn was the first school to offer him, but on May 1st Michigan was the first school to call him -- Coach Sheridan. Then Coach Amato (NC-State) and Coach Coker (Miami) came to the school in the spring, along with many others. Mike's coach told us a year ago that he'd be a Division One recruit, but we never thought in a million years that there'd be this much attention."

We asked her what Mike's 'dream school' would be:

"It was Miami growing up, since we're in the area. But we went to Miami-Florida State game here in Miami ... and the Florida State spirit was so much greater. It's probably Florida State right now."

Regarding Mike is a quarterback or an 'athlete' as a prospect:

"Mike is an athlete, he's played all the sports. But in football he's settled on quareterback, and that's the position he's going to pursue. Two schools, Georgia and FSU, have talked about him as an 'athlete'. But he wants to compete at quarterback. Actually, what matters a lot to Mike is the coaches, he wants a players' coach ... I know he likes the NC-State coaches. He'll also be looking at schools' overall offense."

Regarding Mike as a player:

"The main thing about Mike is the intensity he has, the focus, the concentration ... he's the kind of guy who wants the ball in the 4th quarter. When Mike comes to play he really shows up. At the Miami Nike Camp -- there were 300 kids there, and he really showed up. Even he said, 'I did pretty good,' which for Mike is saying a lot. He's the fastest quarterback in the state, and the third fastest player overall."

"In spring ball this year he showed that -- once he gets to the outside no one is going to get him."

Whether Mike sees himself more as a running quarterback.

"No. Mike would like to throw the ball more ... he hasn't had the receivers to throw to. Cardinal Gibbons is a small school so that happens -- they are just barely 3-A, and the top classification in Florida is 6-A."

The Bottom line:

"We're not in any hurry. We're just taking things a day at at time. We'll visit some schools in the fall, to see coaches and players in game conditions. Wherever Mike wants to go I'll fly him there."

"At one point Mike told me he likes Michigan -- I don't think distance is a factor, I can fly him where he wants, and I can come to see his games. But weather may be."

Here's a Greco photo from the Miami Herald:

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