Big 33 Practices: Chad Henne Interview

GoBlueWolverine Magazine is on hand during the practice sessions for this Saturday's Big 33 All-Star football game, pitting the top players from Pennsylvania and Ohio. GBW special correspondent 23Gene had a chance to chat with incoming Michigan quarterback <b>Chad Henne</b>.

Chad, what have you been doing during the off season to prepare yourself for Michigan?

"I was up at there(Michigan) for 5 weeks. I pretty much worked with the quarterbacks and recievers. The quarterbacks were just teaching the way, step by step. I learned the offense pretty well."

With that being said, are you still expecting to go in and challenge for the job?

"Oh yeah, theres always going to be competiton. But I'm going to come in, and see what I can make happen at camp and go from there."

So how has the Big 33 experience been for you so far?

"It's alot of fun! All these great athletes from Pennsylvania, and were just bustin our butts to try to come together as a team and puton a show for Saturday."

Has coach George Chaump informed you or Anthony Morelli when he plans to name the starter for the game Saturday?

"Were just mixing and matching reps, well see what happens. Pretty much I've been getting most of the reps now. I just want to learn the offense, so I can feel comfortable on Saturday."

We'll have more from the Big 33 practices, including an interview with Michigan defensive lineman Mike Massey. For additional updates be sure to visit the GoBlueWolverine Victors Club Message Board.

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