Big 33 Interviews: Mike Massey

<p>GBW's Pennsylvania correspondant Eugene Hankerson caught up with Team Ohio's <strong>Mike Massey</strong> at the <strong>Big 33 banquet</strong>. In this pre-game interview, the future Michigan TE talks about his week in Hershey and what he'll take away from the experience </p>

How has the Big 33 week been?

"It's been a privilege to be here! My host family is great and so are the guys I play with on the team. I've gotten to know them real well. It has really been an honor."

I see you're playing TE in the Big 33 Game. Are you going to play TE at the University of Michigan also?

"Yup, I'm going to be a TE. I think I'll fit in well there.The TE's and at Michigan are really good, so I'll learn from them."

Is there a player that you can compare yourself to or that other people have compared you to?

"Not really...not at TE. My high school quarterback, Brian Hoyer, gave me the nickname Jeremy Shockey. But I really don't think I'm close to Shockey's level."

Who on the Ohio team has impressed you this week?

"I hate to say it, but every single player has been great. Obviously there's Ted Ginn who is one of the best players I have ever seen. Brian Hoyer is doing well. A lot of the Ohio State guys are. There are so many and they're real athletic. Chad Hoobler is real good too. He has really impressed me."

Have the Ohio players that are going to other Big 10 programs been ragging on you?

"Everything is in good manner! We have, but everybody is joking around. Me and the Ohio State guys have been throwing jabs at each other in good fun!"

What type of activities have you guys been doing away from the field?

"We went to the Children's Hospital on Tuesday, then we had an SCA breakfast on Wednesday morning. We have the buddy system, my buddy Adam is a great guy." "Everything they do here is so well organized, everything has been awesome! I've had a chance to meet so many good people outside of football. I plan on keeping in touch with a lot of people here!"

Your brother Pat Massey played in this game. Has he given you any advice or talked to you about the Big 33 week?

"He told me the week would fly by. Now it's the day before the game and the week really has flown by. Pat said the biggest thing is to enjoy it. To have as much fun as you can, meet some great people, and make as many friends as you can. He met a lot of Ohio State and Michigan guys during his Big 33 week. That was 3 or 4 years ago, and he still remembers those guys."

When you get to the University of Michigan, are you looking to play right away or redshirt?

"I'm going to redshirt.That would be best from me."

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