Big 33 Post Game Interviews:Chad Henne

<p>GBW correspondent <b>Gene Hankerson</b>, AKA &quot;23Gene&quot;, caught up with <strong>Chad Henne</strong> after his team's defeat in the Big 33 classic. Despite the loss, the future Michigan QB was pleased with his performance.</p>

What are your thoughts on the game and did it live up to your expectations?

"All I wanted to do was get some points up on the board and hope that Ii looked good. I think I did that. I know in the first quarter we were having a little trouble with the line, but we just came fighting back and got a field goal. Then when I got put in for the third quarter I came out with two touchdowns. It made me happy and showed that I can live up to what's expected of me."

Were you comfortable with the substitution pattern that coach had going? Did you know that you were going to go back in at the end?

"I didn't know how we were going to do it because he hadn't spoken to us all week on how he was going to handle it. Then he told us by quarter, so I said okay that's fine. Then I was kind of sad because the first quarter was when the line was uncomfortable. I was kind of getting cracked at. But in the third I kind came out and showed them what I had."

What did you think about the competition level that was out here on the field?

"There's great speed out here! You see Teddy Ginn! Then you've got Curtis Brinkley on our team. The speed here is amazing. It's just the next step to college football."

Is speed the difference between regular high school football and All-Star games likes

"Definitely! It's the speed and the size."

You've this whole week with around coach George Chaump, who is known as an offensive mastermind. What are your impressions of him?

"Coach Chaump is just a great guy! I played against him two years ago in the district finals. He's a great coach and he knows how to work with the quarterbacks. He knows what we like. For us(QB's), it's just to be in shotgun throwing the ball almost every down. That's a quarterback's dream, so he's just great."

Did you make some friends here that may last a long while?

"Oh definitely! I tried to talk to everybody and meet everybody I could. So over the years if we play some of these guys, I'll know them."

What about your teammates? Did you get a chance to Mike Massey and Chris Rogers play when you were out?

"Oh yeah! I saw Mike lined up at wideout and I yelled out there 'Mike, what you are you doing out there at wideout?!' Then he made a couple big catches. He was running good and looked great out there. It made me feel happy that he performed like that."

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