Is Green Going to Commit?

In the past the Michigan staff has taken commitments from recruits before they ever set foot on the Ann Arbor campus. Defensive lineman <b>Hivera Green</b> from Conway, S.C. has never been to Michigan, yet the Wolverines have always been at or near the top of his list of favorites. Will he don the Winged Helmet sight unseen?

"I talked to coach Campbell last night and I wanted to commit, but they want me to come up and see the school to make sure I like it," Hivera Green said. "I love the football they play up there and I want to be a part of it. I'll probably go up sometime during the season, I can't think of anything that would change my mind."

Green has been hitting the weights hard over the summer and this was a topic of discussion during his chat with coach Campbell. "He asked me about my weight," Green said. "I'm up to 265 now. He said I would probably start off on the inside of the defensive line but if I got bigger and kept my speed and quickness I could play on the end. I really don't care where I play as long as I'm on the field."

Conway is three-time defending state champion and Green is looking to make it four. "I have to go out my senior year with the championship," he said. Last season he had over Green had over 120 tackles, 5 sacks, 4 deflected passes, 5 caused fumbles and 5 fumble recoveries.

Green said he may visit Florida and Florida State as well, but seems solid on his desire to play for the Maize and Blue. "I want to play in front of all those people," he said.

Green reports a 3.5 grade-point-average and will take the SAT in September. He said he would like to major in business or engineering.

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