Bass Trying to Get Even Better; UM Still Strong

When we ventured out to Jackson Michigan to watch <b>Antonio Bass</b> on the baseball diamond this spring he indicated to us that he had some special things planned to help him get ready for his final season. Last week we found out that those plans were about to go into effect. Yesterday he gave us an update on the first leg of what&#8217;s sure to be a very helpful endeavor. He also gives word on his favorites, upcoming plans, and the possibility of an early decision.

When GBW first mentioned the name Antonio Bass to the recruiting world back in February, he was a relative unknown. Schools like Michigan and Iowa had been on him for well over a year already, but there were even college scouts that hadn’t yet heard of him yet. Now a full five months later, Bass is one of the most heavily recruited players in the nation with well over 30 offers to his name. Despite all of the increased attention the Wolverines still look like the team to beat. That said, fans of the Maize and Blue will probably have to wait a while before they get word on where he plans to display his outstanding talents over the next few years.

Antonio mentioned to GBW in April that he would be working out with former UM great Stan Edwards in hopes of increasing his speed. (For those that missed those reports, click the following links: (Part 1 Part 2) The Jackson star and his dad met with the Edwards' yesterday and the workouts will be commencing very soon.

What schools have visited unofficially this summer?

"I’ve been to Florida and I’m going to Syracuse this week or next week. I’m going to try and go to Notre Dame too. I was supposed to go to Virginia Tech, but I couldn’t get it worked out. I’ll probably just take an official visit there now."

How was you’re Florida visit?

"It was all right. I liked it. It was pretty nice."

Did they move up on your list any?

"Yeah, a little bit."

We talked earlier in the year and you said you would be working out with Stan Edwards' track club. Have you started that yet?

"I just got back from meeting with Stan and Braylon today. Braylon was getting interviewed for the BET Mad Sports show. I talked to Stan about the drills and things he wanted me to do. He also gave me some training tapes. We’ll probably get together a couple days a week."

Did they have any advice that really stuck out in your mind?

"Both of them did. They said so much that I can't even repeat it all. They gave me a lot of useful information. Stan talked a lot about speed, what I need to do to get faster, and how important it is at the next level. I also asked him questions about recruiting."

What did Braylon have to say?

"Braylon was just talking about how he came into Michigan as a two star player having people wonder why he was there to getting where he is now. He had only caught one TD heading into senior season in high school. He talked about working hard, taking advantage opportunities, and what the whole experience has meant to him"

Did either of them push Michigan on you?

"No they didn't. Stan told me that the training we'll be doing will help me where ever I decide to go."

How many offers you have now?

"Over 30 now."

You’ve listed Michigan as your leader at various times during the year. Is that still the case?

"Yep. My top schools right now would be Michigan, Virginia Tech, Syracuse, Notre Dame, and Michigan State, LSU, and Florida."

How likely is it that you make a decision in the near future?

"That’s not very likely at all. My mom wanted me to make a verbal commitment somewhere so I’d be covered in case I got injured. But I know now that even if I get hurt, most of the colleges on my list would still be there for me."

What position are most of these schools recruiting you at?

"Most are recruiting me as an athlete. Most of the schools have told me I can play where I want. I could try quarterback if I wanted to and if that didn’t work out I could go where ever I wanted. I like that."

Has Michigan gotten really specific with you about where they’d like you?

“As I keep talking to them, I think they want me at wide receiver. If I want to try out at quarterback, I think they’ll let me do that. If I want to try DB, I KNOW they’ll let me do that!"

What if Michigan decided to instead recruit you at quarterback and make you the signal caller for the class? Would that make them stronger in your eyes, or does that really not make a difference right now?

“It really doesn’t make a difference. Michigan is at the top of my list either way it goes. It can’t get any higher than that (laughing).”

What have been your impressions of the staff?

“Coach Carr is real cool. I like him. He’s real straight forward. Whether you want to hear it or not, he’ll tell you what you need to hear. When I first went down there he told me that he didn’t know I’d play quarterback but that I could try it if I wanted to. If that didn’t work out then I could play receiver or where ever else I wanted to."

How about you’re recruiter, Coach Malone?

“I LIKE Coach Malone! I love that guy! He’s my boy! When I was going through some tough times he found out about somehow it and sent me some mail saying that he was sorry for what happened and that I would be in his prayers. I thought that was real cool.”

Have you been talking to Russell Davis this summer?

"Yeah (laughing)! He's there giving me help and advice whenever I need it."

GBW will keep you posted with the latest on Antonio in the coming months.

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