Early Aug. Best Guess List: The Bottom Line

GoBlueWolverine's Early August Best Guess Recruiting Class List.<br><br> <b>Bottom Line</b>: if Signing Day were today, what would the class look like?

Michigan came into its summer camp with five commitments:

RB Kevin Grady (high top 100 caliber),
WR Mario Manningham (top 100 caliber),
WR Laterryal Savoy,
OL Justin Schifano (top 100 caliber),
DB Johnny Sears.

And the Wolverines got four more '04/05 commitments from camp:

FB Mister Simpson,
DE/OLB Chris McLaurin,
P Zoltan Mekso,
OC Tim McAvoy.

If Signing Day were today, Michigan would quite possibly land the following seven recruits, all of whom the Wolverines may (hopefully!) lead for:

WR/ATH Antonio Bass (high top 100 caliber),
OL Cory Zirbel (top 100 caliber),
DT Terrance Taylor (top 100 caliber),
DL James McKinney,
LB Brandon Logan (saying U-M may lead is a bit of a reach),
CB Justin King (high top 100 caliber ... saying U-M may lead is perhaps a bit of a reach).

… this would make up a class of 15 recruits, seven of top 100 caliber -- which, we believe, would put Michigan close to Top Ten Recruiting Class territory.

The above 'fantasy 15' is absent a quarterback, which would likely scuttle any chance of such a small class to grab a top ten recruiting class ranking. However, even though losing QB Robby Schoenhoft to OSU was a recruiting loss, this does open up the possibility (assuming a total class of 16-17) of U-M actually better addressing its biggest remaining recruiting needs: adding another player or two at CB, or at DE/outside/speed-LB, or at OT.

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