Slocum Likes the Michigan 'Vibe'

GoBlueWolverine talked to Penn. DT <b>Marques Slocum</b> this (Monday) afternoon. He got back late last night from a Midwest tour of colleges, including Michigan. Where do the Wolverines stand with Marques?<br><br> Included: links to GBW's many action photos of Slocum.

Marques Slocum (PSU Nike stats: 6-6, 330 lbs., 5.09 in the 40 ... 300 lb. bench press) is TheInsiders #70 prospect. He got home late Sunday night from a long road trip this past week with his new coach, Coach Fluck (he's transferring in to Philadelphia West Catholic), and with two of his new teammates (including fellow Div. 1 prospect Derrell Hand, 6-3, 305 lbs.). GoBlueWolverine caught up with Marques this (Monday) afternoon as he and his new coach were debriefing from the trip.

Marques, where all did you go on this trip?

"We visited Midwestern schools: Michigan, Indiana, Notre Dame, Wisconsin, Iowa and Michigan State."

Tell us a little about your Michigan stop.

"Michigan was my first stop -- we got in Sunday afternoon and stayed until Monday afternoon."

"I talked with Coach Carr, and Bo Schembechler also came over and talked to me. I spent time with Coach Sheridan, and with some of the players -- Larry Harrison and I spent time together. We talked to academic people. And we went into the Big House -- MAN I didn't think it'd be THAT big!"

Would you say Michigan will be one of your official visits?

"Will I take an official visit to Michigan? That I cannot say. My coach and I are in the process of narrowing things down ... in fact my coach is calling some schools right now to tell them I'm no longer interested. Right now I've narrowed it to a top eight."

Is Michigan in the top eight?

"Yes. Michigan, Michigan State, Miami, LSU, Oklahoma, Virginia, Maryland, and UNC . And I've got two or three alternates too: BC, Syracuse, and Wisconsin."

What would you say was the highight of your trip?

"The highlight was the fun we had together -- myself, my coach and my teammates."

"But two schools stood out to me compared to the others on this trip: Michigan and Michigan State."

What was it that made these two stand out for you?

"It's hard to explain ... it was just the feeling I had ... what I'd call the vibe at those two schools. How I felt around the people -- that's what I was paying attention to on my visits. I call that the vibe, the feeling ... thats what it's about. And on this trip I liked the vibe best at Michigan and Michigan State."

Your mom said you'd already been down to Miami. Did you visit any other schools?

"Yeah, on a previous trip we went down to Miami. Actually I've seen six of my final eight schools now... I didn't see LSU or Oklahoma, but I've visited all the others."

What is your timetable from here?

"Hopefully by August 13 I'll have my five final schools. That's what my coach would like -- by the start of practice. So he will help me get them narrowed down to five."

Well we'd like to get back ahold of you again then to see if Michigan makes your final five.

"Sure ... trust me, they will be!"

Slocum could be a force in college either as a 'Gabe Watson' defensive tackle, or, because of his height (a true 6-5) as an offensive tackle. He says he prefers defensive tackle, and also told us that's what Michigan is recruiting him as. As we noted before, the challenge for him will be academics -- this spring he told us his core GPA is 1.8.

For GoBlueWolverine's photos of Slocum at this past springs PSU Nike Camp, click below:
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