Will Michigan Get Moore out of Georgia?

In what could turn out to be another classic North versus South battle, defensive lineman <b>Kyle Moore</b> claims two schools from each side of the Mason-Dixon line lead for his services. GoBlueWolverine Magazine spoke recently with Moore and found out he has ties to the school in Blue.

When talk turns to contests between the North and the South, the first colors that come to mind for most folks is the Blue and the Grey. In this potential North-South contest the school from the North keeps to tradition, with a dash of Maize, while the Southern school adds more red to their gray. 6 foot 6, 245-pound defensive lineman Kyle Moore from Houston County high school in Warner Robins, Ga. tells GoBlueWolverine Magazine he will be at home at either location. "It's safe to say that Michigan and Georgia lead right now," he said. "My mom's family is up there (Michigan) and I have cousins and aunts and uncles all over the place, my grandma is there too. I even have a cousin, Eddie, that goes to Michigan, he tells me it's a great place. He says it gets cold up there but that's not a problem for me.

"When I was going into my tenth-grade year I was up there for a visit and I was able to go into the stadium, man, it was big," he said. "I really want to get back up there for a visit. I'll visit Georgia too but I don't know about any others." Moore said he hasn't had any discussions regarding visit dates at this time.

Moore is getting a lot of attention from both schools. He told Allen Wallace of TheInsiders, "I like how the coaches at Georgia show me a lot of love. Georgia's a good team. They're ranked pretty high. I have a friend that plays football there (TE Trahern Holden). He said it's pretty good there and he likes it."

The big man sports offers from over 25 schools from all over the map, including Michigan, Georgia, Florida, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Oklahoma State, Purdue, Clemson, Auburn and Maryland, among many others. "I'm looking for coaching stability," he said. "I don't want to go up there and like the coach, then he leaves and a bunch of new coaches come in and it gets crazy." He said that Clemson and Auburn are concerns in this area.

Moore also said he is looking to take full advantage of the college experience. "I know I won't have a lot of time to do things," he said. "But when I do have time I want there to be something to do. I like to shoot pool, go to movies, go to clubs, things like that. I don't want to go where it's boring."

Schools are recruiting Moore for both the tackle and end positions. "I prefer to be on the outside," he said. "Michigan is recruiting me for defensive end. I get handwritten letters from the just about every other day. Coach Loeffler is the one recruiting me and I like him a lot. Georgia and a couple other schools are recruiting me for tackle."

Houston County has already started practice in preperation for their August 20 opener against cross-town rival Warner Robins. Moore said he wants to major in business finance and reports a 3.2 grade-point-average to go along with a 980 SAT. He said he plans to take the test take again. While things appear to be narrowed down to these two schools, don't look for an early decision from Moore. "I'm going to wait until Signing Day," he said.

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