Ouimet on Michigan's Tight ends

"We will see all four of Michigan's tight ends this year, and we'll see tight ends more this year than last year." So says former Michigan staffer Mark Ouimet. Here is Ouimet's anaylsis of this key position for the 2004 Wolverines.

The depth chart at tight end:

Tight End
88 Tim Massaquoi 6-4 249 Sr./Jr.
89 Tyler Ecker 6-6 249 Jr./Jr.
86 Jim Fisher 6-5 255 5th/Sr.
84 Kevin Murphy 6-5 253 Sr./Jr.
85 Mike Massey 6-5 225 Fr./Fr.


"The tight end situation is pretty laid out: Massaquoi and Ecker, and also Fisher and Murphy. Massey will redshirt -- he can catch it and run with it, the Big 33 game showed that, but redshirting will give him a chance to get bigger.

"We will see all four tight ends (Massaquoi, Ecker, Fisher, Murphy) this year, and we'll see tight ends more this year than last year.

"Ecker and Massaquoi will be the guys that'll play in passing situations. And they will play a greater role than last season.

"Michigan has a mobile quarterback in Matt Gutierrez, which gives them the opportunity to go with with bootlegs, with rolling out ... and that opens passing lanes to the tight ends. We'll see passes to the tight end down the middle on fly patterns, and dragging over the middle on the bootleg play (remember '97, Griese to Tuman).

"The other two tight ends, Fisher and Murphy, will be used more in running situations. We'll see two tight ends in running situations this year (not all the time of course), and we'll see both Ecker and Massaquoi in together at times in passing situations.

"Having different plays using the tight ends will make defenses have to prepare more, to get ready for more options. And having an extra tight end in there will help the backs with blocking.

"Massaquoi played WR at first of course, and it helped him to have that experience. And Tyler Ecker was one of the best tight ends in the US coming out of high school.

"So this season may well hearken back to the days of Jerame Tuman, Mark Campbell, and Aaron Shea (who played a FB/TE hybrid position) in the late 90's.

"We'll also see a lot of motion up front ... Dudley at FB, we'll see him in motion. And David Underwood ... remember that Anthony Thomas went in motion quite a bit his senior year. We'll also see an empty backfield at times -- they'll spread it out, and throw in something different. It'll be an interesting offense. Which beings us next to the wide receivers."

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