Selective Quotes From Media Day

Here are particular words we at GBW found to be of interest today from Coach Carr and a some of the players. More quotes to come -- and many of GBW's own photos.

Coach Carr on some fo the incoming freshman:
- Chad Henne: "He reminds me of another guy who wore the same number ... #7. A guy by the name of Henson."
- Roger Allison: "He didn't get as much publicity as some of the recruits because he committed so early. But he's going to be quite a fullback."
- Chris Graham: "He's had quite an impressive beginning" (there was a goal-line drill yesterday according to Carr, and Graham did real well). "He's explosive, quick ... in the Ian Gold mold."
- Jamison: "He's made a very good impression."
- Alan Branch: "He came in a 'little' heavy -- 340 pounds! (chuckle) He's going to be a fine football player."

Coach Carr on Steve Breaston:
"His foot has hampered him a little in two-a-days. He WILL be fine according to our trainer Paul Schmidt -- his job depends on it!" (smiling - just joking of course)." On whether he is practicing every practice now: "Yes."

Steve Breaston himself:
"I'm practicing. There are taking me out a little here and there. It (his foot) has been sore since the spring, but I just thoughts my spikes didn't fit right. It's not 100% but it's fine. I'm able to cut okay. It's just taking time. We have a great training staff -- they'll have me ready."

"Coach Debord (the new special teams coordinator) not only has us working hard on kick returns, but on blocking punts and kicks. He's a great coach -- it's enlightening to have him as a coach."

Carr on Avant and Edwards:
"Braylon and Avant play as hard without the ball as with it. They are devastating blockers."

Braylon Edwards:
"I'm misunderstood to a certain extent. One of our jobs as a plyer is to learn to ignore all that. But ... that's why I cut the hair."

Tim Massaquoi:
"With more mobile quarterbacks we definitely have more options! Drop backs, roll-outs, bootlegs ... the quarterbacks definitely have more options. We (he and Tyler Ecker, sitting next to him) are excited about it!"

Coach Carr on the quarterback situation:
"Gutierrez and Clayton are different types of players. Clayton is more a classic drop back guy. Matt has more mobility." Then Carr talked about Henne - see above. And then, "Brinton is the 4th quarterback. He is physically not where he was."

Coach Carr on when and how the decision would be made regarding redshirting Henne:
"There is no definite time that it will be decided. He's the #3 quarterback, so we just have to go through the season and see if he's needed or not."

Coach Carr on the running back situation:
"The freshman year prepares a back for his sophomore year, and the sophomore year prepares him for the next year, and so on. It's a process. It was with Chris Perry and it has been with David Underwood. The pounding just takes time to get used to and to adjust to. David is much, much improved -- he's out fastest back." (As far as other backs:) Rembert has lost weight over the summer. Jerome Jackson is having a good fall camp. And Tim Bracken can do some things. Who plays will be much more of a situational thing this year."

David Underwood himself:
"I'm ready!I've been preparing for this since high school. My high school dream (in Madisonville, Tex., in the shadow of Texas A&M stadium) was to start at tailback for Michigan. This is "Tailback U!" I used to watch Tim Biakabutka, Anthony Thomas ... and I always dreamed of following in their footsteps."

Whether there was a time in his career at U-M when Underwood didn't think his dream would come true: "No! I had a Heisman Trophy Candidate ahead of me! You have to be patient, you have to wait your turn here. Nobody is going to hand you anything. When the time comes you have to step up and take it!"

More from Underwood: "Chris Perry set a standard here, and I want to keep up the standard. Then that standard, the high expectations, can be passed on by me and the others here to the next backs that come after us."

More from Underwood: "Jerome Jackson is a little more elusive than I am. And if Coach Carr says I'm the fastest of the backs, then I'm the fastest!"

Coach Carr on Jake Long: "Jake's health is good. He's going to be something special."

Carr on the linebackers: "We have better depth at linebacker than I can remember."


There is also a good sampling of quotes from Coach Carr and numerous players, and photos too, on the website (under "Football"). And stay tuned for more on Media Day from GoBlueWolverine.

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