Football Recruiting - the Needs

As the recruiting calendar ticks down to Sept. first when the weekly calls to recruits commence and the fall official and unofficial visits begin to get scheduled, GoBlueWolverine will be laying out the 2004 U-M Recruiting Landscape for you. First --<b>The Needs</b> and the top recruits which will hopefully fill those needs.

GoBlueWolverine's unofficial list of recruiting needs.

The number of scholarships available for the '04/05 Michigan recruiting class right now (GBW's unofficial count of course, but it is based on a math analysis of the team class by class) is 17. So here are the needs based on the 17 number, plus, in parentheses, where U-M might add a scholarship 'slot' if the number increases (it is possible that one or two Wolverines could have great seasons and go into the '05 NFL Draft a year early, which could raise the number to 19).


QB-------------0---------0----------------------------Bass (see WR)

RB-------------2---------2 (Grady,Simpson)

WR------------3---------2 (Manninghm,Savoy)----Bass

OL-------------3 (or 4)--2 (Schifano,McAvoy)-----Zirbel,Moosman,Slocum

DT-------------2 or 3----0-----------------------Taylr,McKinny,Slocm,Moor,Green

DE/OLB/TE---1 or 2------1 (McClaurin)--------------Dickson,Joppru

ILB------------1 or 2----0----------------------------Logan,McCoy,Nicholsn,Harrs

S---------------0 (or 1)--0-----------------------------Harris
CB-------------3----------1 (Sears)-------------------King,Harris,Evans,Pegues

P---------------1----------1 (Mesko)


With first-and-last name detail:

Needs: 0
Commitments: 0
Recruits: Antonio Bass (see WR's)

Running Backs
Needs: 2
Commitments: 2 (Kevin Grady, Mister Simpson (FB))
Recruits: 0

Needs: 2
Commitments: 2 (Mario Manningham, Laterryal Savoy)
Recruits: Antonio Bass

Offensive Linemen
Needs: 3 (or 4)
Commitments: 2 (Justin Schifano, Tim McAvoy)
Recruits: Cory Zirbel, David Moosman, Marques Slocum (see DT) (and Dan Doering as well)

Defensive Tackles
Needs: 2 (or 3)
Commitments: 0
Recruits: James McKinney, Terrance Taylor, Marques Slocum, Kyle Moore, Hivera Green

Defensive Ends/Outside Linebackers/Tight Ends
Needs: 2
Commitments: 1 (Chris McLaurin)
Recruits: Edward Dickson, possibly Chris Joppru

'Speed' Inside Linebackers
Needs: 1 (or 2)
Commitments: 0
Recruits: Brandon Logan, Rico McCoy, Derek Nicholson, Nick Harris (see S)

Needs: 0 (or 1)
Commitments: 0
Recruits: Nick Harris (see ILB)

Needs: 3
Commitments: 1 (Johnny Sears)
Recruits: Justin King, Victor Harris, Bryan Evans, Derek Pegues

Needs: 1
Commitments: 1 (Zoltan Mesko)
Recruits: 0

More to come.

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