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"> ***Photos Included***


Friday Night Football: Jackson vs. Ypsilanti

<p>The Jackson Vikings got off to a good start last night with a 35-16 road victory over the Ypsilanti Braves. The electricity produced by <strong>Antonio Bass</strong> wasn&#8217;t as plentiful as some might have expected, but then again, it didn&#8217;t have to be. </p> <p><strong><font size="3">***Photos Included***</font></strong></p>

Powered by 321 yards rushing, the majority of which came from a trio of Viking backs, Jackson marched up and down the field at will on the Ypsi defense. That opened up a few passing lanes for Bass on the night. He only completed 3 passes in the game, but two were down the seam for over 35 yards and one went for a TD.

The only time the Braves presented a legitimate came early in the contest after a fumble by Bass lead to their only touchdown. “They pushed me and I ran into one of my teammates and the ball popped out,” Bass said. “I tried to pick up, but it was too late.” Jackson tied the game at 7 on the next series before the Braves answered with a field goal. That short-lived 10-7 lead was destroyed by Jack Fairly’s Vikings as they reeled off 25 straight points.

Bass dazzled the crowd on three different occasions with graceful yet powerful runs. The first came on a punt return where he juked a number of defenders for about 35 yards. The other two came on bootlegs where he literally ran through tacklers. He was just too strong for any individual Ypsi player to bring down. Even so, Bass still was feeling the effects of their hits after the game. “I got beat down out there,” Bass said. “They were on me! I’m going to go home, take a bath, and just chill.”

Bass did moonlight a bit on defense at safety, but didn’t see many plays come in his direction. “It was fun,” Bass said of defensive backfield. “I wish a couple of passes were thrown my way.” When asked if he came close to making any hits, Bass answered in humorous fashion. “Hey… NOPE,” Bass said laughing. “Coach only puts me out there in passing situations.”

Jackson faces Traverse City West next week before Bass heads south for a trip to Virginia Tech. Check back for more on Antonio, including photos, later in the week.

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