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Monday Presser Quotes (Miami of Ohio)

Michigan head coach Lloyd Carr addressed the media today and revealed the latest developments with his squad heading into their first contest with Miami of Ohio. Included are selected quotes from todays presser. Topics include <b>Matt Gutierrez</b> and <b>David Underwood</b> being named starters, <b>Gabe Watson</b>, and more! Check back for the entire transcript later in the day. <p>For the opening game depth chart, click <a href="">here</a>.</p>

On why Gutierrez won the job:

“I will just say this, it's as tough of a decision as I've had to make and I think these two guys that are also competing for this job, Clayton Richard, Chad Henne both have everything it takes, so we'll just see where we'll go. I think with Matt, the advantage he had was the fact that he's been here and knows the offense a little bit better, but the competition is ongoing. The competition is severe.”

On what’s expected of Matt:

“Everything you do with him from the day he gets here is to prepare him for what he is going to face on Saturday afternoon. The longer he’s here, the more comfortable he is going to feel. I think the key is it’s a process. It’s day in day out, day after day, week after week, month after month. All of the preparation is what prepares you. That’s why he works. That’s why he has to be a competitive guy. That’s why he has got to be a tough guy. There are going to be some things that go wrong out there you’re the quarterback. I know this, he is going to throw some interceptions…which is not going to make me happy. Yet, I know as I stand here that it’s going to happen. Well, why did it happen? Lets just make sure that we don’t make the same mistake again. He knows that he is not alone. He has a lot of people that understand. It’s a team game and he’s got to play his part and do the things we ask him to do. He doesn’t have to be perfect, yet he has to understand that there is a level of performance that is required. It’s a very competitive situation. In my experience it always has been with a few exceptions.”

On the #2 QB position being up for grabs between Chad Henne and Clayton Richard.

“He (Chad Henne) has been impressive…there isn’t any question. And as I mentioned in the spring, I like Clayton Richard, so it’s competitive.”

On David Underwood:

“David Underwood has distanced himself. He clearly is the number #1 tailback. And he's done that through, I think, being in the best condition of his life. I think he's had an outstanding fall practice. I think his performance has been outstanding. He's taken care of the football and he' has run aggressively. I think he's much more comfortable and I think he's confident. I expect him to run with the football, find the holes, and come out the other end.”

On Jerome Jackson:

"Jerome Jackson suffered an injury in the first week of training camp and has missed some time, but he will be back practicing today. How much that missed practice will hamper him, I’m not sure, but I think he's going to be ready to play. Pierre Rembert has had a very good fall, Mike Hart has had a very good fall, so I think those are the guys that will be the major players at the tailback position this week."

On Breaston:

"We have held him out some of the days we have gone twice; he's gotten alot of work and I’m expecting him to be back at full speed on Saturday."

On Freshman PT:

"Mike Hart will play, Tim Jamison will play, Chris Graham will play, Alan Branch, my guess is, will play." On Max Martin: "Possibly."

Marlin Jackson at 1sr team kick returner:

"When you have guys that really love special teams which is the case with Marlin ... he's wanted to do that from the beginning; we probably would have done it some a year ago if had he not been hurt."

On Roy Manning being a starter:

“Remember Brian Townsend? As a fifth year senior, I haven’t seen such a change in approach and attitude as I did with him. He was an All-Big 10 player as a senior…. With Roy Manning, the change in his performance has been dramatic. He has played exceptionally well this fall.

On the D-line:

“I think it is the biggest D-line we’ve had…There is a real difficulty in recruiting defensive linemen that are big and quick. Certainly, some of these kids like Harrison and Watson are big enough and quick enough to play very effectively.”

On Gabe Watson:

“Gabe Watson has a chance to be a great football player…dominating even…if he continues to play with the same intensity he has this fall.”

On Pat Massey:

“Pat Massey the most improved player maybe on the entire team.”

On Garret Rivas:

“I think his distance is better and I think he is in better shape.”

On the LB position:

“There is more depth at the linebacker position than anytime since I’ve been here.”

On team health:

“I think this is the healthiest we’ve been going into an opener.”

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