Michigan-Miami: The Tale of the Tape

The interesting stats from Michigan's victory. <br><br> The impressive, the so-so, the worrisome.<br><br> Plus Tidbits on who played.<br>

The impressive:

- Chad Henne: 14-24 for 142 yards and 2 touchdowns to Braylon Edwards (with 1 int.). After a smmewhat shaky first quarter, Henne put on a solid, impressive performance. The last U-M quarterback to start his first game as a freshman: Rick Leach in 1975 -- also wearing #7!

- Braylon Edwards: 6 catches for 91 yards and 2 TD's.
- Steve Breaston: 4 catches for 33 yards; 3 punt returns for 40 yards (13 yard average).

- Team turnover margin: +5. U-M gets 4 ints. and 2 fumbles recoveries, while Henne throws 1 early game int.
- Ernest Shazor: an 88 yards interception return for a TD, 3rd longest in U-M history.
- Markus Curry: 2 interceptions.
- Pierre Woods: a sack-fumble.
- Gabe Watson: 1 tackle (Ha! Gabe disrupted the Miami interior O-line all day long!)

The So-So:

- David Underwood: 22 carries for 64 yards (2.8 yd. avg.) and 2 TD's.
- Jerome Jackson: 7 carries for 26 yds. (3.6 ypc)
... will Jerome pass Underwood on the depth chart?

Garrett Rivas: 1 for 1 on field goals (a 31 yarder); 4-6 on extra points (in his defense, both misses, accoring to special teams coach Debord, were bad holds).

The Worrisome:

Returner Ryne Robinson (who was 2nd in the nation in punt returns in 2003): 249 yards in returns, including 4 punt returns for 139 yards (35 yard average).


Winner of the right offensive tackle spot: Mike Kolodziej (minor surprise!)

True Freshmen who played: Chad Henne, RB Mike Hart, WR Adrain Arrington, DL Alan Branch, Tim Jamison (caused a sack).

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