Antonio Bass: "It's real close."

Top instate athlete <b>Antonio Bass</b> made his official visit to Virginia Tech this past weekend. We got Antonio out of bed this morning to talk about it ... and what he had to say is significant.

We talked Monday morning to Athlete (QB/WR/DB) Antonio Bass (6-1, 190 lbs., 4.4 in the 40, 3.0 GPA) from Jackson, Mich.

What did you do at Virginia Tech last weekend? Your mom said there wasn't a game and that school was not in session?

"Yeah, there was no game and school was out for the Labor Day weekend. I talked to the coaches, I looked around campus, and I talked to a professor in their business school. And I got to spend time with the players."

Did they say you could be the next Vick?

(Laugh). "No, they didn't say that. But they talked to me about being their next quarterback."

Has Virginia Tech caught Michigan for your leader. Or is Michigan still your leader?

"Ummm ... I don't know ... I really liked it there. Virginia Tech is up there with Michigan now. Ummm ... you should say Michigan is still my leader but it's close. REAL close."

Are you still going to make official visits to Syracuse and Notre Dame?

"I don't know now. I might still make an official visit to Syracuse, but we'll have to see about that. Notre Dame -- I don't know. They asked me to come down to the Michigan game this weekend."

Are you going to go to the game?

"I might go ... I'd like to ... but I work Saturdays. They weren't too happy about me being gone last weekend; I don't know if they'll let me miss two weekends in a row. If I don't go I'll watch the game in television."

Who does Jackson play this weekend?

"We play East Lansing. They're pretty good, and we play them up there."

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