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Monday Presser Quotes (Notre Dame)

Coach Carr addressed the Media today and discussed <b>Chad Henne</b>, <b>Matt Guteirrez's</b> injury, the run game, and much more. <p>For player comments, click <a href="">here</a>.<br> For the depth chart released today, click <a href="">here</a>.<br> For more commentary on Saturday's game, click <a href="">here</a>.</p>

On the negatives from the game:

“The most disturbing thing to me was we missed two extra points and those things will come back to beat you. They’ll haunt you. We’ll have to find out exactly what it was. I think the snap was good and the protection was good, so it was either in the hold or the execution of the kick.”

“The running game was not what we would like it to be. We’re going to get better there. We will get better and we HAVE to get better.”

“With regard to the punt coverage, there were three long punt returns there in the game. The first long one that went for a touchdown was called back. It was a very good call. There were, I thought, two blocks in the back. The official saw the call. On the next long punt return, there were THREE blocks in the back that went uncalled. And on the last return, there were TWO blocks in the back. Those are not easy to see and I think with the exception of those calls the officiating was outstanding for an early game. But I’m not going to criticize our players when that happens. Now, can we and should we be better in terms of punt coverage? There’s no question. There are some things there that we didn’t do as well as we need to.”

More on the run game:

“There are a lot of things that go into establishing the run game. First and foremost, Miami of Ohio is a good defensive football team. They brought their safeties down and they made some plays right on the line of scrimmage for no gain. Part of it was the fact that they had a very good defense and they played well. But there were also some things that were typical. Some of them. Missed assignments…we had some of those. Missed the hole at times. So there is a combination of things and I think collectively we have to get better there.”

On if he has an update on Matt Gutierrez’s status:

“No I don’t. We’ll practice today. I have not seen Paul Schmidt (the trainer) today, so we’ll just have to see how that goes.”

On if he is worried about the possibility of starting a true freshman QB at Notre Dame.

“You only get to start your first college game one time. You’ve go to start your first road game. But the fact that he was able to start in his first game here at Michigan stadium, I think it gives him and everyone around him a lot more confidence. I think the experience he had there will stand him in good stead. I don’t worry about Chad Henne from the standpoint of being able to handle it. He’s been there and once you’ve been there it’s easier to do it again. Does that mean it’s going to be easy? No. Does that mean anything other than he has some experience? No.”

On if he has a policy that his players don’t lose their starting jobs to injury:

“I can remember in the last couple of years that somebody wrote an article that said that part of my policy was an injured player never loses his position. I’ve said nothing of the sort. I’ve always said you’re always competing. You’re ALWAYS competing. It’s difficult. As an injured player you face the challenge that when you’re not there somebody is practicing and playing in your stead. You have to make determinations as a coach. There is great competition there and that’s just the way that I look at it.”

On if Chad Henne is definitely the starter for Notre Dame:

“I want to see what happens this afternoon but if nothing changes, nothing will change.”

On how much Henne was helped by coming in to work during the offseason:

“He came in during the spring just as Matt Gutierrez did when he was in his senior year in high school. He also came in in the summer time. I think it was invaluable. I don’t think he could have done what he did on Saturday if he hadn’t made the sacrifices to come in during the spring and to be here in the summer time. With that said, going on the road is a different deal because it’s much more difficult because of the noise and all of the things that go with going on the road. His development has just begun. We’re just beginning.”

On the status of other injured players:

“I’m more concerned about Sarantos. Joe has been an outstanding special teams guy and played a very significant role in the game on Saturday. I don’t know ho that ankle is going to be. We’ll see. But the others, I expect to be ready to go. But again, you don’t know how they’re going to respond to practice.”

On Jerome Jackson:

“I was concerned that Jerome, after missing as practice as he did, could come in. He looked very much at home. He looked very comfortable and we didn’t have any exchange problems with him. I thought he ran very effectively. I was worried about the contact because normally in training camp during the first two or three weeks the backs get a lot of contact and he missed most of that. So, I would give him a very positive grade because he did not show the ill effects of missing practice.”

On Pat Massey:

“I think he’s much stronger. Pat is one of those guys that finally grew into his body. He’s a hard worker, a good guy, and he’s got great character. Massey is a smart guy and he’s a good leader on our team. He came from a good program in St. Ignatius in Cleveland. His brother is here and I think his brother is going to be a very good football player. Massey is on our punt team and he made a great tackle there on Saturday because he can run. He’s a good athlete. He was an outstanding basketball player at St. Ignatius. When I made my visit to the school I got to watch him practice one day. He’s a tough competitor and he likes to win. He had to play a year ago when he did not have the strength to get off of blockers. Now he has the ability to do that and I think he has improved as a pass rusher.”

On if Gutierrez’s injury is one that will be cured by rest:

“You know I’ve been in that situation and there will be all kinds of conjecture and opinions. But the truth is that is an injury where those people who have had that kind of an injury are the only ones who really understand what it’s like. Matt is the only guy that really knows. I think I know. But I can assure you of this…it’s a miserable injury. The degree…I can’t speak to. But I assure you that as soon as he feels comfortable in throwing the football without pain and discomfort, he’ll be back in there competing. But I don’t know when that will be and I don’t know that anybody does. It’s not like a broken finger where you’ve got a history and can look at the x-rays and the wound and say he’ll be out six weeks and then he’ll be back. This is not that kind of deal.”

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